Breda McQueen

Hollyoaks fans horrified as ‘evil’ Breda McQueen claims yet another ‘victim’

But has she been caught?

Viewers of Hollyoaks were stunned last night, when serial killer Breda McQueen claimed yet another victim.

But they were left with a window of hope that she might be about to get caught…

Breda stabbed Darren Hollyoaks
Is Breda on the cusp of getting caught? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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On Thursday night’s E4 episode (January 2), Darren Osborne was left fighting for his life when he got on the wrong side of multiple murderer Breda.

Darren’s crimes? She blamed him for getting in the way of her romantic escape to Portugal with beau Jack Osborne…

Darren was already on edge due to Mandy Richardson‘s persistent questions about his commitment to their relationship, following his fling with old flame Nancy Hayton.

darren mandy
Will Mandy and Darren get a happy ending? We doubt it! (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Darren was seen begging Mandy to save their relationship, but she wasn’t sure if she could forgive his past infidelity.

He begged: “I just want to find a way through this, get back to the way back to the way we were before.”

But she sobbed: “What if we can’t?”

Mandy Hollyoaks
A heartbroken Mandy is unsure she can move past husband Darren’s infidelities (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Feeling at his lowest point, in a worrying nod to his upcoming mental health problems, Darren turned to his dad – but was gutted to hear Jack was planning to go away with Breda.

Darren begged his father not to leave him when he needed him the most, leaving Jack with the tricky task of attempting to discuss postponing the trip with Breda.

But, of course former cop Jack doesn’t know he’s in a relationship with a serial killer, and underestimated how angry she would get at the suggestion.

She lashed out at Jack, saying: “No wonder Darren is such a failure with you as such a pathetic excuse for a father. If I was you, I would watch my back.”

Darren Jack
Darren was bereft to discover his dad planned to leave the village (Credit: Lime Pictures)


The ball of fury then turned her frustrations towards Darren himself, when she creeped into the kitchen of The Hutch and stabbed him in the back!

As viewers watched Darren’s lifeless body bleeding out on the kitchen floor, they were shocked to see Nancy turn up at the scene of the crime.

Has Breda McQueen finally been caught?

Fans desperately want Breda’s reign of terror to end, with one tweeting: “I’m finding it really hard to watch at the minute. All because of the demon poison dwarf Breda. Please let her be gone soon, she’s really getting on my nerves. Don’t let Tony and Darren die. I know every soap needs a good villain, but this has gone on long enough now.”

Another said: “I don’t think she has [killed Darren]. But praying and hoping she’s been finally unmasked as the killer.”

A third said: “OMG Breda stabbed Darren.”

“Breda is out of control,” remarked another, while one more typed: “Not Darren he is a national treasure.”

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