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Holby City SPOILERS: Ric wakes up from his coma as coronavirus devastates the hospital

Contains spoilers for returning BBC One hospital drama

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Coronavirus has swept through the hospital as Holby City returns to TV next week.

The pandemic forced the long-running BBC One drama to take an extended break over the summer.

And although the deadly virus continues to plague us all, viewers will soon be able to see how the Beeb’s leading medics cope with the crisis.

CEO Max leads the charge – but are Holby’s heroes ready for what is about to hit them?

Here are more spoilers for upcoming Holby City storylines set to have you hooked…

Ric on Holby City
Ric recovers! (Credit: BBC YouTube)

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Ric wakes up from his coma

Miraculously Ric rouses from his coma he suffered following brain surgery.

And the headstrong surgeon doesn’t let his own recent life-threatening op hold him back.

He’s soon warring with Max for leadership of Holby.

However, his insistence on helping a heavily-pregnant patient could prove Ric’s undoing.

And will it contribute to Ric’s permanent departure from Holby? Actor Hugh Quarshie is confirmed to be leaving after 19 years on the show.

Will Jac and Kian make it work?

Following a stunning announcement, could Jac finally find happiness in her romantic life?

Kian is shown reacting with suspicion and doubt in the trailer for the episode. But could he be set for a very pleasant surprise?

Sacha on Holby City
Holby City’s Sacha is not doing well after Essie’s death (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Concern for Sacha

Sacha’s colleagues are left worried by his casual behaviour following Essie’s desperately tragic death.

Furthermore, new character Jodie – a patient – manages to find herself staying under Sacha’s roof after she becomes homeless.

When romance grows between Sacha and Jodies, just week’s after the loss of Essie, will anyone intervene?

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Are Fletch and Angie finished?

Heartbreak looks to be on the way for Angie after she confronts Fletch over his feelings for her.

Have his doubts suffocated their relationship?

Chloe Godard on Holby City
Chloe’s mum Ange could be in for a rough time (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Fans are certainly excited for the second batch of 26 episodes of series 22 finally making air.

And it seems like they’re especially eager to see Jac and Kian make things happen between them.

Reacting to the trailer on YouTube, one fans commented: “Yesssssss! I literally squealed!

“Kian is the best and both he and Jac deserve some happiness after everything they’ve been through!:”

And another person begged: “Please don’t mess up the Jac and kion relationship Holby, Jac needs to be happy.”

Another viewer reflected: “Glad Holby City is coming back, but going to miss Ric.”

– Holby City returns to BBC One on Tuesday November 10 at 8.15pm

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