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Helen Flanagan had a hotel evacuated after finding ‘a man under her bed’

Corrie actress was actually looking at her own reflection

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Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan once had a hotel evacuated because she found a man hiding under her bed – but it wasn’t quite what it seemed.

The Rosie Webster actress’s on-screen dad Michael La Vell has revealed a moment he still teases her about now.

Helen’s on screen dad Michael Le Vell revealed her hilarious mistake (Credit: ITV)

For instead of a man hiding under her bed – security discovered it was a reflective surface.

Michael told The Sun: “Mike says: “Helen is as mad as a box of frogs — absolutely barking — and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

“I remember once Helen stayed at a hotel in London and had everyone evacuated because she’d gone under her bed to get her shoes and found a man under there.

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“When security went to investigate, they realised the bed had a glass base and the man she’d seen was her own reflection.

“Of course I ribbed her about it. It is the way these young kids learn.”

Helen Flanagan is desperate to return to Coronation Street (Credit: ITB)

Helen Flanagan would love to return to Coronation Street

Actress Helen was last seen on the cobbles in 2018 after she went on maternity leave to have her second child.

In the soap Rosie moved to Japan to host a gameshow, explaining her continuing absence.

Earlier this year she announced the news that she is pregnant again with her third child.

But speaking to ED! last month, she confirmed she will return one day and can’t wait.

And, Helen confirmed, she’s definitely missing Corrie.

“I do miss Coronation Street,” she said.

Rosie’s leaving story saw her on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

“I started there when I was nine as a child actress so obviously it’s been a huge part of my life and I’ve been in and out of it in my twenties so obviously I do really really miss it.

“It sounds cliched but it really is like a family and I miss everything about it.

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“I was brought up on the street so I miss everything – the storylines, the excitement of filming, the night shoots, the make-up girls, I miss going in and chatting to everyone. To be honest I miss everything about it.

“I definitely would love to go back,” Helen exclusively told ED!”

“I would love to go back at some point, I really really would.”

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