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Emmerdale’s Harvey Rogerson assures worried fan he’s fine after Marlon outburst scene

There was concern that filming the scene could have scared the lad

Harvey Rogerson’s family has reassured a fan after they expressed concern over a recent Emmerdale scene in which they felt the star looked “frightened”.

The young actor plays Leo Goskirk in the ITV soap and is very popular with viewers.

Harvey is currently involved in a storyline that has seen his on-screen dad, Marlon Dingle, in prison for murdering Graham Foster – a crime he didn’t commit.

Leo is a very popular character (Credit: ITV)

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When Marlon was released last week, he came back to a welcome home party planned by his family and friends.

But when Mandy turned up and her involvement with a journalist from the Hotten Courier was revealed, Marlon lost his temper.

It’s clear he’s struggling anyway, but this tipped him over the edge and he went off at her.

Please don’t worry I fully understand that Emmerdale is all ‘pretend’.

Emmerdale Marlon Credit: ITV
Marlon comforted April after his outburst, but not Leo (Credit: ITV)

Leo was sitting next to him in the scene, and Leo’s half-sister, April Windsor, was so scared by her dad’s outburst, she ran out.

A fan at home feared that Marlon’s shouting “frightened” actor Harvey, and expressed their concern for him on Twitter.

But Harvey’s family, who run his social media account responded that the worried viewer wasn’t to fret.

They insisted the show really cares about his wellbeing and makes sure he fully understand each scene before they film it.

Another fan replied that they believed Emmerdale ‘would always put Harvey’s interests at heart’ and as well as discussing scenes with his parents, would “seek appropriate professional guidance too”.

Harvey’s account once again responded that “this is what happens continually”.

The original tweeter then thanked the account for explaining everything and said they felt reassured.

The scenes come as Marlon continues to struggle with being a free man.

His time inside has affected him more than he wants to let on and after the outburst at Mandy, he subsequently smashed up the party decorations once everyone had left.

As he holes himself up in the house, not wanting to go out and face the world, he finds out daughter April has been bullied tonight.

Marlon’s upsetting to hear April is being bullied (Credit: ITV)

This leads him to another discovery: that Charity stole Kim’s money and she sat on the information that could have led to his release.

Furious, he confronts Charity in the pub and reveals what she did to the whole family.

Marlon disowns his family later this week (Credit: ITV)

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He’s then left shocked when he discovers Kim paid someone to off Graham.

Feeling utterly betrayed, he throws Mandy out of his house and then disowns the entire Dingle family.

Can anyone help Marlon cope with everything he’s been through?

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