Coronation Street fans can’t watch ‘awful, manipulative’ Geoff anymore

His behaviour is getting even darker

Geoff Metcalfe’s abusive control over his wife took an even darker turn in Coronation Street last night, when he locked his wife in a box – and then blamed her for his vile actions!

And fans have called it the final straw in the disturbing storyline, admitting they’ve had to turn over as they find the scenes so distressing.

Yasmeen box
Poor Yasmeen was terrified and left crying out for help (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday night (February 5), Geoff’s abuse escalated further when he took out his frustration on wife Yasmeen after being humiliated in public.

I can’t watch it anymore! It’s too cruel.

Earlier in the week, Geoff felt embarrassed when his turn as a magician went wrong.

Of course, the bully blamed Yasmeen, who he’d roped in as his assistant, when he was unable to get her out of the box he’d ‘disappeared’ her in…

Geoff didn’t see the funny side when his trick went wrong (Credit: ITV)

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Still smarting as last night’s visit to Weatherfield began, a furious Geoff fat-shamed her, chanting: “Fat Yas, thunder thighs, the amazing wonder wobble, denting viaducts with every step.”

He told Yasmeen she could make amends with him if she practised the magic trick that had gone wrong for future performances.

She dutifully got into the box, still desperate to please the man she loves, but the nasty man locked the box and went to the pub!

How dare Geoff fat shame his wife Yasmeen? (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen, claustrophobic – which Geoff knows full well – cried out while Geoff sat in the Rovers necking pints.

She was eventually rescued when Tim arrived home, baffled to find his petrified mother-in-law locked in a box.

Later, just as Yasmeen appeared to have seen what a monster she’d married, Geoff manipulated her into forgiveness by claiming HE had been abused by his former wife.

Those watching from home were disgusted by the cruel twist in the storyline, and have vowed not to watch until it ends.

One tweeted: “I can’t watch it anymore! It’s too cruel.”

Another said: “Switched it off! Don’t get me wrong, the acting from them both is faultless but the storyline is too much to bear.”

A third added: “I’ve actually stopped watching until you end this uncomfortable storyline.”

“I am being affected by the Yasmeen and Geoff storyline. Having been through abuse like that, I really don’t need to see it on TV. I do understand why you’re doing it, but it brings back awful memories for me so I keep switching it over when that idiot Geoff comes on…” said one more.

Another agreed, saying: “In my 40 years of watching @itvcorrie, I had to change the channel. Yes it’s a programme but just no, to save my TV, I had to switch channels.”

Many of those watching want Geoff to meet a sticky end, but will he be discovered soon?

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