Coronation Street fans demand Geoff and Yasmeen scenes are shown post-watershed

Too disturbing?

Viewers of Coronation Street have slammed the ITV soap for showing domestic abuse scenes before the watershed.

Scenes in which Geoff Metcalfe emotionally terrorises his wife Yasmeen have been declared unfit for air before 9pm.

Geoff and Yasmeen’s coercive control storyline has divided viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Just this week, the vile bully locked his wife in a box as a sick punishment.

Should be on, if at all, after 9pm.

Tim’s dad Geoff was left feeling humiliated in public when a magic trick went wrong on stage.

Blaming Yasmeen, and fat-shaming her for her “thunder thighs”, Geoff did the unthinkable when he locked her away in the box – knowing she’s claustrophobic and that the ordeal could have brought on a panic attack.

Yasmeen box
Poor Yasmeen was terrified when Geoff locked her in a box (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily, Tim returned in time to release Yasmeen from the box, but Geoff was once again able to talk his way out of it.

Those watching from home were horrified by the scenes and have been divided about the storyline from the start.

Turning to Twitter to express their frustration and despair with Geoff’s behaviour, many fans think the scenes are not suitable for the soap’s pre-watershed timeslot.

Tim was horrified to discover his stepmother locked in a box (Credit: ITV)

One wrote: “Should be on AFTER 9pm!!!”

Another said: “Kids watch it and end up feeling suicidal with anxiety as they think this is what life is like. It’s a disgrace. I agree they are raising awareness if shown later, but not at that time. No wonder kids have so many emotional issues.”

They continued: “Any programme that asks if people have been affected should be shown after the watershed… What you are doing to our children’s mental health is unforgivable. #Corrie.”

A third added: “Should be on, if at all, after 9pm.”

“Please, please put this on at least after 9pm!! It’s truly horrendous to watch and may influence some in a very negative manner to do the same!” implored one, while another said: “How uncomfortable to watch before the watershed.”

One more added: “I think it’s incredibly important for Corrie to be doing this storyline, but it is incredibly upsetting to watch – particularly before the watershed.”

Reports recently revealed that Alya Nazir will ‘finally discover Geoff Metcalfe’s history of abuse’ in upcoming scenes.

According to The Sun, Bistro manager Alya is going to beg her grandmother to leave her husband Geoff after discovering his abuse.

Please help Yasmeen, Alya! (Credit: ITV)

Alya will soon begin to look into Geoff’s background in an effort to convince her grandmother to leave him.

She will find out shocking information about his past actions that leave her determined to save her vulnerable grandmother.

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