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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Five soap storylines that viewers are getting annoyed with this week

They are not happy with Robert's double life

Soaps can be a divisive thing, but what storylines in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders are really getting on peoples' nerves this week?

1. Arthur bullying Archie - Emmerdale

Arthur has been picking on Archie (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

For the past few weeks, viewers have seen Arthur terrorising little Archie.

Archie came back to Emmerdale after the death of his mum, Rachel.

Her death meant he needed to come and live with his dad, Jai, who is currently dating Arthur's mum, Laurel.

Although Arthur helped Archie come out of his shell when he first arrived, the schoolboy soon became jealous of the attention Archie was receiving and began to pick on him.

On top of chasing him round the garden, earlier this week, viewers saw Arthur get angry with Archie for crying at his dad, Ashley's memorial picnic.

Arthur knocked Archie unconscious (Credit: ITV)

After saying some cruel words to Archie about how no one cared about his mum's death, Archie understandably told Arthur he was being mean.

But Archie's comeback didn't go down well with Arthur who decided to punch Archie knocking him unconscious.

When Laurel and Jai saw Archie had been hurt, they began to notice more bruises on the little boy.

But Archie quickly came up with a story of Jimmy being responsible for the bruises and Archie told his dad he fell off the chair and hit his head.

Viewers are not impressed with the storyline.

2. Robert's double life - Coronation Street

Robert is leading a double life (Credit: ITV)

For weeks Robert has been leading a double life.

Earlier this year, Robert split from Michelle after she decided she didn't want anymore children, but Robert wanted to have kids of his own.

During their split, off-screen, Robert began seeing Vicky Jefferies.

However, he and Michelle made the decision to get back together and he ended his relationship with Vicky.

Robert is engaged to Michelle (Credit: ITV)

But Vicky discovered she was pregnant and, just moments before Robert planned on getting down on one knee to propose to Michelle, Vicky's son Tyler told him about the baby.

Instead of telling Michelle the truth, Robert decided to carry on his relationship with Michelle and still proposed to her.

After Tyler's dad, Jed, came back into the picture wanting Vicky and Tyler to move back to Ireland with him, Vicky told Robert he'd have to prove that he wanted her to stay.

Vicky is pregnant with Robert's baby (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

But When Vicky saw he dropped Michelle's engagement ring, she thought he was going to propose to her and the chef ended up engaged to two women.

Recently Michelle became suspicious of Robert and decided to follow him.

She was shocked to see that Robert was arguing with a pregnant Vicky.

After confronting him, he lied and told Michelle that he was never in a relationship with Vicky and they had a one-night stand when they were broken up.

When Michelle went to confront Vicky, she claimed to Robert she didn't believe a word Vicky said and that Vicky is a "pathological liar".

However, it seems Michelle may have revenge on her mind after contacting solicitor Adam...

With this rollercoaster going on for a couple of weeks, viewers are starting to get annoyed with the storyline.

3. Cain and Aaron's criminal activities - Emmerdale

Cain and Aaron have been stealing cars (Credit: ITV)

Recently Cain and Aaron have got themselves into a bit of trouble.

After stealing cars from a man named Sean, the Dingle men found themselves confronted by the gang member.

But when Cain and Aaron refused to give the car back, Sean kidnapped their little cousin Moses, who is Charity Dingle's son.

He then threatened to torch a car with Moses in it if they didn't return his stolen cars.

Moses was kidnapped by Sean (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

Obviously Charity was furious when she found out Moses had been taken and although Cain and Aaron tried to get Moses back they were unsuccessful.

Luckily, Nate found Moses and managed to bring the little boy home.

Although this plot hasn't been going on for very long, viewers are already fed up of it.

4. Gemma's quads saga - Coronation Street

Gemma gave birth to quads (Credit: ITV)

During her trip with Chesney to Llandudno, Gemma went into labour with her quads in a cable car.

After giving birth to her first baby, she managed to get back to the cable car station and was taken to hospital in an ambulance where she gave birth to her other three babies.

Gemma decided to name her two boys Aled and Bryn and her two girls Carys and Llio after the team that delivered her babies.

After a couple of weeks of the quads having to stay in a hospital in Wales, they were moved to Weatherfield hospital this week.

And Gemma and Chesney and their kids have now become the face of Freshco's in a big money deal.

Fans are starting to get sick of the ongoing storyline and feel as if it's "unrealistic".

5. Graham and Rhona - Emmerdale

Graham and Rhona are Emmerdale's newest couple (Credit: ITV)

A couple of weeks ago, villagers were shocked to find out that Graham's mystery woman was Rhona.

However no one was more angry than Graham's boss and on/off fling Kim Tate, and it looks like she isn't the only one.

This week Graham and Rhona tried to find some alone time together - but it wasn't very successful.

Viewers don't necessarily hate the storyline, it's more than they don't seem to care about the new couple.

But what are your thoughts on Graham and Rhona?

Which storylines are you getting annoyed with and which ones are you enjoying? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!