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Sadie is about to have Harry's baby...

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Maxine and Damon need money for their wedding venue, Liam tries to make Mercedes jealous, and Sadie goes into labour in next week’s Hollyoaks.

Maxine and Damon are in need of money

Maxine and Damon have to raise money for their wedding venue by the next day or they’ll lose it.

Maxine still has the crowd-funded money she was supposed to be using for private healthcare.

Damon, Maxine, Grace and Sienna go to view the wedding venue.

The manager, Susan, tells them they have only paid the first instalment and they owe another £7,000…

Dr Levi confronts Maxine

Dr Levi visits Maxine and asks if he can review her case again.

Later Dr Levi says he believes she’s fabricating her symptoms.

Dr Levi tells Maxine it would be a good idea to see a psychologist. Will she do it?

Liam sends Sylver a gift…

Liam tells Mercedes he knows who the blackmailer is…

Liam prints out a picture from the security footage of him and Mercedes kissing. He mails it to Mercedes’ husband, Sylver.

Is he about to expose them?

Liam tries to make Mercedes jealous

Liam goes on a date with Cindy to make Mercedes jealous. He brings her into the pub.

Mercedes watches on. She struggles to hide her jealousy.

Liam continues to parade Cindy around The Dog. Will Mercedes react to it?

While Liam goes overboard flirting with Cindy, will she work out what he’s really up to?

Could Liam have two angry women on his hands?

Liam’s got woman trouble

Liam soon has a third woman to worry about when Sadie returns and demands more cash.

Meanwhile, Harry is treating James to a romantic meal in The Dog. They reminisce about old times like when they first met.

Knowing Sadie could get him and Mercedes caught out for theft and hit and run, Liam goes to meet her. He gives Sadie more money.

He threatens if she ever comes back she’ll be dead. What will she do?

Sadie goes into labour

Tony finds Sadie in labour. She is about to have Harry’s baby.

Harry sees what’s going on.

Sadie is in a lot of pain. Breda and Darren help carry her into The Hutch.

Will James and Harry come out the other end?

Hollyoaks is on Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with a first look episode at 7pm on E4.

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