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Wednesday 15th July 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Hollyoaks in 10 pictures

Mercedes stands to lose everything

Mercedes isn't in her family's good books, James is suspicious of Harry and Scott goes on a date in next week's Hollyoaks.

Breda confronts Mercedes

Drug dependant Mercedes is nervously preparing for Max's visit and the McQueens are throwing a birthday party for him.

Max is uncomfortable from the moment he arrives, and Mercedes breaks down as Max continues to feel unloved.

She goes to the bathroom and takes drugs.

When Mercedes makes a scene at the party, Sylver realises she's back on the drugs.

Sylver is furious at Mercedes and his anger starts to rise. Breda walks in just as he throws a chair

He storms out and Breda follows him to the workshop, where he continues smashing things.

Sylver talks to Breda about his murderous past, and feels disgusted in himself for taking another man's life.

Meanwhile, Mercedes goes to The Loft and asks Liam for drugs.

Breda confronts Mercedes at The Dog flat. Can Mercedes save her own life?

Harry and Ste reconnect

James is losing his mind over how to get Harry off the charges, and consults Sami for a second opinion.

Harry assures James he can find Sadie and get his alibi.

Meanwhile, Tony asks Harry to have a talk with Ste and see if he can help him.

James overhears Harry and Ste talking in Ste's back yard…

He's fuming and driven insane with suspicion.

Later, Ste admits to Johnny he misses having a boyfriend - does he have his sights set back on Harry again?

James can't trust Harry

Suspicious, James tries to unlock Harry's phone, with Marnie telling him he needs to trust his other half.

But after overhearing Ste and Harry together, James  storms over to Ste's house and tells him to stay away from Harry.

James tells Harry how hard it is to trust him, considering his dishonesty in the past.

Scott dates Levi

Scott meets up with Levi for their date.

Things are awkward at first.

Levi still doesn't know Scott is the drag queen from the other night.

As Scott gears up to confess, Levi says he hates drag queens.

Scott is later urged by Nana McQueen to be honest about his secret.

Will Scott ruin his fledgling romance by confessing all?

And how will Levi take it if he does find out the truth?

Hollyoaks is on Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with a first look episode at 7pm on E4.

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