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Monday 30th March 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Hollyoaks in 10 pictures

A huge disaster hits Hollyoaks village

Next week's Hollyoaks sees a huge disaster as a crane is out of control on the already unstable village grounds. Will anyone make it out alive?

Will DJ's christening go to plan?

It's the day of DJ's christening and Ollie is desperately trying to find Luke.

Ollie is touched when he meets Darren who emotionally talks about DJ.

However Ollie pales when he finds out Darren has invited Luke to the service.

What will happen when Luke shows up?

Mitchell chooses Scott

As Mitchell and Scott enjoy some alone time, Cleo is worried about her relationship with Mitchell.

After advice from Mercedes, Cleo summons Mitchell home for a sexy surprise.

He rejects her and confides in Scott he feels like he's cheating on Anita with Cleo.

Mitchell heads home to break up with Cleo...

Later, Mitchell and Anita are having a private moment in the florist when the crane commotion sees them trapped.

Tony set free?

A desperately hungry Tony is struggling when Breda arrives at the pig farm.

She tells him their friendship has come to an end and she's going to put him out of his misery.

Breda stops when she gets a call from Goldie and it results in her deciding to let Tony go home.

But when the day comes, will she really set him free?

Breda crashes her car

It's the day Tony's due to be set free.

As Breda drives her car, she crashes into one of the cranes in the village.

It causes a huge crack in the village floor.

Cindy's plans cause disaster

The arrival of diggers and cranes disturbs the village peace.

Tom stages a protest, concerned about the lack of health and safety regulations.

Meanwhile, Cindy is growing frustrated with the slow progress on building her empire.

Drunk Luke causes an accident

Luke overhears Woody say it's too dangerous to move the crane after Breda's crash.

Drunk, Luke jumps on board determined to build his restuarant himself.

But he can't control the crane, and jumps from the cabin as the arm loaded with steel girders swings over the village.

Woody warns Cindy the crane is sinking into the ground below...

A steel girder falls from the crane into the village.

Mandy is forced to the ground. But where are Darren and Nancy?

Darren and Nancy trapped?

With the crane out of control, the village is evacuated.

But Nancy and Darren have found out Charlie and Ella are in the tunnels below.

As the rubble falls in, will they get out alive?

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