FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in pictures

The events of the Big Night Out become clear...

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The events of the Big Night Out are revealed in flashbacks in next week’s Emmerdale…

Who stabbed Ellis?

Ellis was rushed to hospital after being stabbed with Billy by his side. Prime suspect was gangster Max but he has an alibi.

Mum Jessie has suggested the police speak to Aaron in case he saw something but does someone even closer to home hold the answers?

Billy recalls the night out to Ellis and Aaron and, in a flashback, we see him searching for his brother outside the club while the fire alarm is ringing.

Next week Billy fears he’s lost his brother for good…

What happened to Victoria?

It’s pretty obvious to viewers that something horrific happened to the chef that night… the following morning, she was sobbing and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Next week she begins to open up to Moira about what happened after she left the club. In a flashback we see Victoria head off in search of Robert as Amy, Kerry, Bernice and Rhona leave in a taxi.

As she is sitting on the wall next to the kebab van, the whole dreadful story of the night becomes clear…

What did Priya, Tracy and Leyla do to Maya?

Jacob returns from Portugal and Leyla confesses what went down after she discovered Maya had been grooming him or at least we see a version of events she wants to share.

What we know for sure is the ‘three witches’ took Maya to the woods, roughed her up and left her by the river.

While Priya and Tracy wanted to go back to find her so she could face justice, Leyla rather suspiciously wanted to leave it be.

What really happened after Leyla, Tracy and Priya confronted Maya outside the club…?

Is Maya dead?

Through flashback we will discover how Maya was hounded by Leyla, Tracy and Priya over her disgusting pursuit of Jacob. She managed to escape their clutches, but they caught up with her…

Things took a terrifying turn… and we’ll see exactly what happened to the twisted teacher.

Did Rhona cheat on Pete?

She’s been feeling guilty ever since the Big Night Out. Exactly what did she get up to?

We CAN tell you that she kissed someone. Will she come clean to Pete and can he forgive her?

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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