FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Love is in the air

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Love is well and truly in the air for Vanity, Matty and Victoria, and Bernice and Dr Cavanagh – unfortunately for Daz!


A drunken Charity runs over Monty’s paw with the van.

Dr Cav is delighted to hear that all is not well with Bernice and Daz and digs at Diane for details.


Daz notices Bernice has been calling Cavanagh and demands an explanation.


Charity visits her dad Obadiah but the meeting doesn’t go well.

Marlon makes a mistake with Jessie.


Vanessa and Charity finally declare their love for one another.

Victoria challenges Matty over his feelings and, after a heated exchange, they passionately kiss.

And then Moira walks in!


Debbie tells Graham that she and Joe have decided not to have a prenup.

Robron’s stag do is underway but Chas Dingle goes into labour.

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