FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Amy and Kerry struggle to hide their guilt

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Jai struggles with money, Kerry and Amy feel guilty, and Debbie reveals her plan to move in next week’s Emmerdale.

Jai’s furious with Rishi

Outside the factory remains, insurance representatives arrive and Rishi worries how he will repay the high interest loan from Kim.

Later, Priya and Jai grow suspicious that Rishi and Manpreet are responsible for the fire.

The next day, Jai and Priya are full of fear as they prepare to read the terms of Kim’s loan. Jai is livid as he sees no solution to their dire financial crisis.

Jai rebukes the factory staff for asking about their wages and snaps at Rishi for the mess he’s caused.

Seeing them argue, Manpreet despairs and rushes to pack her things.

Later at Home Farm, Kim offers to buy the factory to help Jai’s financial situation.

Back at Holdgate, Jai and Priya catch Manpreet preparing to leave.

Jai does a deal with the devil?

It’s apparent the Sharmas have no clue how to turn their fortunes around.

With the pressure mounting regarding the loan, Jai hopes the insurance will come good.

But later, Jai receives an email from the insurance company querying the fact the fire alarm was switched off at the factory.

With Kim taunting him, he’s under pressure and later secretly meets with her to discuss the situation…

Kerry struggles to contain her guilt

Kerry encourages Amy to act normal, still in denial whether they actually caused the fire.

Later the factory safe is opened and the money they stole is found to be missing.

Kerry struggles to contain her guilt.

Kerry is questioned

The next day a guilty Kerry is called down to the police station and is questioned.

She is caught out when DI Goldberg finds a hole in her story.

Feeling the pressure, a tense Kerry soon implicates another whilst covering her own tracks.

When Kerry returns from the station she’s alarmed to hear Amy almost confess the truth to Nate.

Kerry wants to atone

Both Amy and Kerry are tense as they remain desperate to conceal their guilt for starting the fire.

When Kerry overhears Bernice and Nicola discuss fundraising, she blurts out she will be holding a fundraiser for the children’s hospital.

Amy is furious, aware that Kerry isn’t keeping a low profile.

In spite of this, Kerry wants to go ahead and Bernice agrees to let Kerry use the salon for the event.

Robert and Aaron start planning for surrogacy again

Robert tries to persuade a reluctant Aaron to go ahead with the surrogacy.

But when they hear Natalie’s having second thoughts, will Robert come clean to her about what has gone on?

Cain doesn’t take Debbie’s news well

Debbie is surprised at Sarah’s pragmatism as she encourages her to move to Scotland.

Cain reacts badly to Debbie’s news and is wary of how Charity will take it.

Vanessa’s happy to hear she and Charity will be moving into Debbie’s place now she’s going, but there’s a catch…

Moira’s absence disappoints Nate

Nate goes round to Moira and Cain’s. He is disappointed when Pete reveals Moira has gone away to Nana Barton’s.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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