FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Dawn goes after Lee

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Robert has a plan to trap Lee, Rhona and Pete have concerns over their engagement, and Lydia tries to leave the village in next week’s Emmerdale.

Wendy wants a DNA test

Victoria’s delighted to have a deposit on a rental offer accepted, but it’s short-lived when she receives a letter from Lee’s mum, Wendy. She is demanding a DNA test.

Robert’s interest is piqued when he learns Dawn needs money to support Lucas.

Robert is desperate to stitch Lee up by any means necessary.

Robert uses Dawn as a honeytrap

Robert offers Dawn £500 to get Lee interested in her. He tells her more details of the plan.

He insists she entraps Lee in a place with CCTV so there’s proof.

Dawn is concerned and demands more money, but agrees to his deal.

Robert confesses his plan to a horrified Aaron. Aaron heads off determined to stop Dawn from going after Lee.

Robert follows him. Dawn has already met up with Lee.

Dawn flirts with Lee and he offers to take her somewhere quieter. Dawn is worried.

Will Aaron and Robert get there in time? Or is Dawn in danger?

Vanessa throws Pete and Rhona an engagement party

Brenda and Pearl suggest that Vanessa throws Rhona and Pete a surprise engagement party.

Rhona pretends to be happy to Manpreet over her engagement. Rhona falters as she considers the enormity of what she’s doing.

Is she regretting her decision?

Pete and Rhona have concerns

Pete makes a romantic surprise re-proposal at Smithy cottage. Rhona leads him upstairs for the first time since the accident.

Later at the shop, Leyla talks to Pete and is alarmed when she correctly guesses Pete’s fears about not having his own family.

At the party, guests celebrate with Rhona and Pete in the pub. It’s obvious they are being awkward with one another.

Will they have their happily ever after? Or will their doubts see them call time on their relationship?

Lydia tries to leave

Lydia still plans to leave but Sam refuses to let her go. After stepping out for some air, she secretly orders a taxi to pick her up, but Sam stands in front of the car.

When he becomes distracted the taxi pulls away and soon pulls up near to the site where the remains of the baby were found.

Suddenly, Lydia asks the driver to take her straight to the train station where Sam is waiting.

Lydia breaks down

Sam offers to take Lydia to the burial site and agrees to let her leave Emmerdale if she doesn’t find visiting the site helpful.

Once there, Lydia finally breaks down and submits to her long-buried grief.

Where will they go from here? Can Lydia forgive herself?

Bernice and Nicola make a horrifying discovery…

Bernice and Nicola are spending time together. They go through Liam’s briefcase and make a horrible discovery.

They find a bloody shirt and scalpel. What is Liam hiding?

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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