FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Jamie Tate is back

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Megan causes an accident, Jamie Tate arrives in the village and Bear makes a move on Faith in next week’s Emmerdale.

Megan sends a text whilst driving

Running late, Megan is in the car with Eliza. She sends Frank a text letting him know she’s on her way.

As she’s texting she accidentally crashes into the back of a car which knocks over Eric. Unscathed Megan looks on in horror at the carnage she’s caused with one text.

Frank is disappointed when Megan doesn’t turn up for lunch. When he goes to confront her, he becomes worried for her, realising something is wrong. A shaken Megan tells him about the crash, reeling from her own guilt.

Will Eric be okay?

Rhona helps Kim

Rhona tells a delighted Kim that Jamie is coming for an interview the next day. Later at the vets, Paddy is stunned to learn Jamie Tate is one of the potential interviewees.

Rhona tries to assure a furious Paddy and Vanessa that Jamie could be an asset to the team and persuades them to give him a chance. However, they remain unsympathetic when he fails to turn up and leave Rhona to break the news to Kim.

Megan crashes into Jamie

Jamie leaves a voicemail apologising for his absence and assures he’s still interested in the position. Later he arrives in the village with a bang.

Megan runs in to Jamie’s car whilst she’s texting Frank. Has Jamie been injured?

Jamie’s car keys go missing and suspects Kim of hiding them. He turns up at Home Farm where she innocently offers to help him look.

Bear makes a move on Faith

Faith moans to Chas and Bear about Eric’s dismissive behaviour and Bear is more than happy to be a shoulder to cry on. When David explains to Eric he’s been ignoring Faith, an upset Eric is determined to put things right.

As he heads to the Woolpack, a distracted Eric is knocked down as Megan crashes into Jamie’s car. He’s clearly been hurt.

As he’s taken away in the ambulance he’s determined to see Faith. Unaware of what is happening outside, in the Woolpack, Bear moves in for a kiss with Faith.

Later in hospital Faith, Chas and David are all terrified when Eric falls unconscious suddenly and all the nurses rush in. He is rushed into surgery.

Will wants Dawn to prove her loyalty

When Will prepares to take his harassment of Harriet to the next level, Dawn is conflicted. Especially as Harriet arranged another meeting with social services about Lucas.

As Will sees Dawn and Harriet together, he begins to question her loyalties. Will meets Dawn on a country road and she tries to assure him he can count on her saying she’s only using Harriet to get Lucas back, but he isn’t convinced.

Dawn wants to prove her loyalty to her father. She asks what she can do to prove to him she’s behind him.

Will’s request leaves her shocked. What will she agree to do?

Nicola worries she’s lost

It’s the day of the local election. Nicola worries whether she can beat Hilary and Harry.

Later she’s certain she’s lost the election. She begins drinking heavily in the pub, drowning her sorrows.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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