FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Debbie wants answers from a struggling Graham

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Debbie tries to get through to Graham, Victoria’s stubbornness puts her in a dangerous situation, and Clive is plotting something big in next week’s Emmerdale…

Monday November 12

Brenda tells Doug she isn’t getting back together with Bob and she wants him to leave.

Bob hears everything from the stairs, but how will he react?

Graham realises Debbie’s onto him when Priya hands him Joe’s phone. Graham approaches Debbie in the garage to explain himself.

Furious Debbie lashes out. But Cain wants to avoid the truth coming out and steers Graham away.

Tuesday November 13

Debbie is distraught to receive an eviction notice from Priya. Cain’s furious when he finds out what Graham’s done to his daughter.

A drunk Graham enters the pub and Cain grabs him. He warns Graham to pull himself together.

Wednesday November 14

Despite Diane and Matty’s concern, Victoria takes Leon the drayman home. They kiss, but when he tries to take things further, she pushes him away.

Robert arrives to rescue her just as Leon becomes verbally abusive. He throws Leon out, but will Vic be grateful?

Noah begs Debbie to talk to Graham and help him out. Wanting answers, Deb agrees, but will he open up?

Thursday November 15

Maya’s annoyed when David gives her an old bunch of flowers for her birthday. She’s even more annoyed when she finds him having a drink with Tracy.

Jacob’s delighted when his gift to Maya goes down much better, but when she pours him some champagne, will the teen misread the signs?

Clive is interested when he overhears Pollard talking about an art exhibition. He invites Leyla, Frank and Megan to attend.

Friday November 16

At the art gallery, Frank is suspicious when Pollard spots a buyer he knows called Eleanor and Clive appears interested.

Frank wants to know exactly what Clive is planning. Clive reveals he’s going to sell Eleanor a fake painting, but will Frank let him pull off the scam?

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