FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Debbie gets a shock text message...

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Aaron has a bombshell for Robert, Laurel has had enough of Bob, Debbie’s at rock bottom, and Paddy and Chas are trying to make it work in next week’s Emmerdale…

Monday November 5

Paddy is shocked when he discovers the vets is in financial trouble. Rhona tells him a lot of their clients are jumping ship to a cheaper surgery nearby, but will his return to work help them out?

It’s the unveiling of the community garden in Gerry’s memory and Arthur and Doug are excited to go.

Laurel agrees to attend with Bob, although he’s oblivious to the fact she wants to end things.

Tuesday November 6

Jessie discovers Billy has been in a fight in prison that could affect his release.

But Ellis is less than sympathetic and Jessie’s left upset when he lets rip over his true feelings about his brother.

Bob is thrilled to have a job at The Woolpack and immediately gets stuck in suggesting a stripper’s night to Marlon, Charity and Chas.

Wednesday November 7

Aaron’s decided he wants to have a baby with Robert.

After hearing his husband’s plan, Robert’s stunned at the suggestion, but will Robert agree?

There’s a growing distance between Chas and Paddy as they both feel alone in their grief.

Can they open up to each other and get their relationship back on track?

Thursday November 8

Jeff and Charley say they love working together on the soap (Credit: ITV)

A worried Moira notices Debbie’s having trouble paying the bills, so Cain asks her to come back to work at the garage to ease the financial strain.

Things seem to be looking up for Deb when the doctor has good news that Sarah’s heart is responding well.

But once alone, Debbie struggles to hide her fears as she’s discovered her trial date has been set.

Bob’s forced to step in when his strippers cancel, and Laurel is stunned to find him gyrating in his pants in the pub.

She lashes out and tells him they’re over in front of the packed crowd.

Friday November 9

Debbie confides her fears about prison in Charity and talks about Joe, but then she’s stunned to receive a text from him.

It reads: “I’m sorry” – does this mean he’s alive?

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