FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

It's the end of the line for Graham...

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As Emmerdale airs a special week that will see Graham Foster murdered in a grisly whodunnit, each episode will show the same day play out but from a different suspect’s perspectives. But who has the greatest motive to kill?

Monday: Graham versus Kim

Kim discovers that Graham is still planning to move to France with Rhona and puts her heart on the line.

Graham lets Kim think there is a chance that they could be together again, but little does Kim know he is bluffing.

Kim is fuming when she discovers her money is missing and soon realises she has been played for a fool.

She orders Al to kill Graham, but will he go through with it?

Tuesday: Graham versus Jai

Jai is struggling to get everything ready for the Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits opening day and takes cocaine to cope with the stress.

But when his car collides with Graham’s Jai’s secret drug taking is soon revealed.

Graham wastes no time in telling Laurel about his discovery, and soon everyone knows Jai is back on drugs.

Laurel breaks up with Jai, and soon he is out for revenge, blaming Graham for ruining his life…

Wednesday: Graham versus Charity

Graham summons Ryan to make a final transfer from Kim’s account but, he refuses, landing him in big trouble.

Graham is fuming and humiliates Ryan by locking him in the kayak hut to stop him going to Kim and telling her everything.

Meanwhile, Charity and Vanessa are planning a surprise wedding, but when Charity finds out what Graham has done to Ryan, she is out for revenge…

Thursday part one: Graham versus Andrea and Jamie

When Graham sees Andrea and Jamie looking friendly he reveals to Jamie that he and Andrea have had recent secret dealings.

Jamie is furious that Graham has torn his family apart again, while Andrea wants payback once and for all.

But are either of them capable of murder?

Thursday part two: Graham versus Marlon

Marlon is furious when he discovers Rhona is still planing to move to France with their son, Leo.

The pair soon have a heart-to-heart, but while they’re talking Marlon misinterprets the moment and goes in for a kiss.

A mortified Marlon goes out in search for Graham, intent on stopping him taking his son away…

Friday: Who killed Graham?

Eastenders Graham Foster killed revealed

The events leading up to his death are shown from Graham’s point of view, finally revealing his killer.

But who has got blood on their hands?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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