FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Aaron is pushed to the edge

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Next week’s Emmerdale sees Aaron in trouble once again as he continues to mourn his relationship with Robert, while Jai turns to drugs, and Moira leaves the village…

Aaron lashes out 

Aaron is fuming when Pete reveals Rebecca won’t let him see Seb any more.

He heads to the bars to drown his sorrows and hooks up with two randoms before heading back to theirs for a party.

When Liv and Victoria walk in on Aaron and one of his random hookups he lashes out at them verbally.

It’s clear Aaron is a man on the edge, but will anyone be able to help him?

The next day Aaron is full of remorse and apologises to Liv… but what will he say when she tells him to apologise to Victoria, too?

Later Liv tells him she thinks he needs to see a counsellor again. Will he agree?

Graham’s caught out 

Ryan tells Graham he knows he has been fiddling the accounts, but with Graham having collateral against Ryan, who will win the fight?

Jai turns to drugs 

Jai is struggling to cope with the pressures of getting Hotten Outdoor Pursuits ready for the launch.

Things only get worse when they lose some vital sponsorship.

Jai accuses Al and Kim of not pulling their weight, and soon Jai is having to work through the night to get things done.

Jai turns to drugs to cope with the stress, but will he be tempted by the cocaine in his desk draw?

Moira leaves the village 

Cain is shocked when Moira comes to say goodbye, revealing she is leaving to stay with Nana Barton for a while.

Rhona makes plans to leave 

Vanessa is shocked when Rhona reveals her plans to move to France with Graham, but begs her not to tell Marlon.

Rhona is fuming when she finds Leo’s passport is missing, but when she asks Marlon where it is, she alerts him to the fact she is planning to leave.

How will Marlon cope when he works out that Rhona’s plan to move to France with Leo is back on?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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