FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Cain has murder on his mind...

Next week’s Emmerdale sees the moment we have all been waiting for as Cain discovers the truth about Nate and Moira’s affair and vows to get the ultimate revenge…

Cain discovers the truth 

Cain is fuming when Faith reveals she thinks Moira is having an affair… but Faith thinks Moira’s secret man is Pete.

Cain knocks an unsuspecting Pete out and ties him up, ready to beat a confession from him.

Pete wakes up covered in blood and terrified, and eventually reveals it is Nate that Moira has been having an affair with.

Cain tracks Moira and Nate down at a hotel and takes the cheating pair on a boat trip.

Nate is suspicious of Cain’s motives and soon realises that he knows the truth about the affair with Moira.

Cain takes Nate to task, and the farmhand finally confesses to sleeping with Moira.

A murderous Cain sees red and vows revenge on Nate. Picking up a weapon he prepares to finish Nate off for good.

Nate fights back and soon the pair go head-to-head in a battle over Moira.

But in the commotion of the fight, Moira is shoved overboard and becomes trapped in the weeds under the water.

Nate and Cain continue their fight, but will they notice Moira is fighting for her life under the water?

While Nate and Cain vow to fight to the bitter end, a petrol canister falls over, leaving everyone’s lives in danger.

Soon the boat explodes into a huge ball of fire, threatening to kill those on board.

With Nate and Cain caught in the explosion and Moira still tangled in the weeds, will anyone make it out of the lake alive?

Chas goes into labour

Back in the village there is drama at the Woolpack re-opening when Chas goes to fix the dodgy lock on a toilet door with Marlon.

But the pair soon find themselves trapped without a phone, just as Chas goes into labour. Will anyone be able to get to her before the baby arrives?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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