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Sunday 9th August 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Chas is worried about her scan

Chas and Paddy go for their 20 week scan, Graham offers to help Megan, and Jai starts dating again in next week's Emmerdale.

Chas and Paddy go for a baby scan

Chas and Paddy discuss their 20-week scan and Chas is clearly worried, so Paddy cancels it behind her back, certain he's doing the right thing.

The next day Paddy is in the doghouse when Chas discovers what he's done. Cain encourages Chas to be honest with Paddy about her feelings.

At the hospital, Chas and Paddy go to their re-arranged 20-week-scan but are terrified about the health of their baby. After a wait, they are told their baby is perfectly healthy.

The Dingles celebrate their good news and Chas and Paddy decide to keep the gender of their baby a secret.

Megan's cash crisis

Frank and Megan try to drum up business to pay for Megan's legal fees. She agrees to an event at Home Farm, knowing she'll have to get Kim on-side first.

Kim sends her packing. She's clearly happy to see her suffer.

In the Woolpack Megan breaks down to Manpreet just as Kim arrives. She tells her she should face the consequences of her actions in front of the whole pub.

Megan feels hated. She is later left stunned when Graham makes her an offer.

Graham wants to help Megan

Megan is shocked when Graham offers to pay her fees. The next day Frank and Megan agree to move in together again but Megan fails to tell him about Graham's offer.

Frank asks Rishi for a loan from the Sharmas' Factory. Soon, Graham visits a grateful Megan and gives her a blank cheque, but when Frank arrives she is not sure how to explain the situation.

Kim asks Jamie to move in with her

Kim asks Rhona to give Jamie an incentive to stay at the vets. Kim tries to persuade him to move into Home Farm.

Will he agree?

Jai goes on a date

Jai decides to start dating again. He goes out on a date to the Woolpack.

Will everything go to plan?

Faith makes her feelings about Bear clear

After their kiss a couple of weeks ago, Faith tries her best to make her feelings clear over Bear. Will he listen?

Vanessa and Charity move out

With Chas and Paddy expecting a baby, Vanessa and Charity discuss moving out of the Woolpack. Where will they move to?

Nate moves in to Butler's Farm?

Debbie meets up with Nate. After a bumpy start she manages to convince Cain to let him pitch his caravan on the farm.

How will Pete react to this?

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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