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Sunday 31st May 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Emmerdale in 10 pictures

David plans to propose to Maya

Maya make a bad decision, Rhona is determined to prove she's still young, and Ellis is in danger in next week's Emmerdale.

David cheats on Maya

When a suspicious David asks Maya why she is selling her car, she lies and says it's to pay her divorce costs.

Jacob is sent into a spin when David reveals his plans to propose to Maya with Val's ring, as Jake's stolen it to raise money to pay off Liv.

After Maya reluctantly agrees to go clubbing with with David and the girls, she reveals she knows about the proposal and tells him not to.

Heartbroken, David finds solace in Tracy and they kiss.

Maya is caught out

Having seen their kiss, a furious Maya storms out of the club. Later one of the girls catches Jacob and Maya together.

How will they react to being caught? Is the game up for Maya?

Rhona's jealousy gets the better of her

Hurt that Rhona has been secretly helping Kim find Jamie, Pete confides in Debbie. As he leaves Keepers cottage, Rhona's gutted to see him being friendly with Jack and Sarah.

Her jealousy gets the better of her and she snaps at Pete.

They make up and seem to put it behind then, but when she discovers Pete told Debbie about her menopause, Rhona feels furious and humiliated.

Determined to prove she's young at heart, Rhona goes clubbing with the other villagers. But she has one too many drinks and when the fire alarm goes off, she meets a handsome stranger outside...

Ellis is in danger

Ellis is suspicious when Billy secretly meets gangster Max.

At the meeting, Max senses that Billy's having second thoughts about using his work van for the robbery and threatens him.

Having discovered their plan Ellis sabotages the robbery.

It's not long before Max turns up at Tall Trees threatening Billy's family, and they fight.

When Max later nearly runs Jessie over she demands to know why Billy's hanging out with him again and worries about her son. The next evening Max follows Ellis who is with the villagers on their night out and sends Billy a threatening photo of his brother.

Faith tries to help Aaron and Robert

Natalie learns of Aaron and Liv's criminal past. Aaron and Robert worry this means their surrogacy dream is over.

Faith is determined to make Natalie change her mind as she knows her grandson will be a great dad.

Nicola plots against Hilary

Nicola decides to play dirty with Hilary. What is she planning?

Amy gives Victoria some advice

Amy advises Victoria to play hard to get with Ellis at the club. Will she take her advice?

Amelia lashes out

Amelia begins to rage after Kerry and Dan's break up. She's still angry and hurt.

After a tough year she's struggling to accept another big change. But does she take it too far?

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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