FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Emmerdale's legendary villain is back!

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Rhona is anxious about her operation, Leanna and Gabby become roommates, Kim Tate arrives back at the village, and Jacob and Maya are nearly caught in the act in next week’s Emmerdale.

Monday March 11

Pete Rhona Emmerdale

Rhona’s anxiety about her operation starts to get the better of her. Pete is desperate to be with her and Vanessa urges him not to give up on their relationship.

After her operation, Pete insists he loves her and she and Leo are all the family he needs. Can he win her back?

David Maya Jacob Amba Emmerdale

Jacob is jealous of Maya and David. He has a plan to ruin their date night.

He tells his dad Priya is stuck for a sitter. He guilt trips him into looking after Amba.

Tuesday March 12

Maya and Jacob Emmerdale

Maya becomes jealous. She heads out to sleep with Jacob in the village hall.

David soon realises Jacob ruined his date night on purpose.  He angrily heads off to the village hall.

David and Jacob Emmerdale

David turns up and the pair are nearly caught. Jacob panics and lashes out at him for never putting his kids first.

David finds one of Maya’s earrings on the village hall floor. Is the game up for the two of them?

Wednesday March 13

Liam Bernice Gabby Leanna Emmerdale

Bernice and Liam take the next step in their relationship. Bernice moves him into Brook Cottage.

Gabby and Leanna are horrified to find out they’ll be sharing rooms

Thursday March 14

Kim Tate Emmerdale

Graham’s plans for a family trip are shattered when he receives a call from Kim Tate. She demands he collect her from prison.

Kim and Cain Emmerdale

Kim plans on returning to the village but the car breaks down

Cain stops to help. He realises who she is and the battle lines are drawn.

Kim and Graham Emmerdale

Kim sets her sights on seducing Graham. He wants to play happy families with Megan and Eliza.

Will he be able to resist?

Friday March 15

Kim and Cain Emmerdale

Kim threatens to help the police find evidence against Cain unless he plays ball.

Kim and Cain Emmerdale

She learnt that it was Faith who pushed her off the balcony at Home Farm back in October. She promises to get her back for what she did.

What is she planning?

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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