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Wednesday 8th April 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Jean finds solace in Daniel

Whitney and Callum have their hen and stag dos, Mel plans to flee with Hunter, and Iqra comes out to her grandparents in next week's EastEnders.

Whitney finds Chris's letters

Whitney finds Callum's letters from Chris and questions him.

He tries his best to distract Whitney and he bottles telling her the truth.

Later at the E20, Sonia gives Whitney the reassurance she needs about Callum.

Whitney tells him she's not interested in his past, it's all about their future together.

Callum struggles with the pressure

When Stuart learns Ben is coming to Callum's stag, his mood shifts and he sneaks off.

With the bash in full swing, Stuart returns and his behaviour makes Callum suspicious, especially with Ben missing.

As Mick starts his speech, all the stags are shocked when another of Stuart's 'surprises' doesn't go to plan.

Meanwhile, a drunk Callum struggles with all the pressure and lashes out at Ben.

Whitney gets a surprise on her hen

The hens prepare for Whitney's big night and when Sonia admits she's planning a surprise, Tiffany's interest is piqued.

Later at the E20, all the hens throw themselves into games with some going better than others.

Whitney is thrilled when Callum gatecrashes but her concerns grow when he asks to speak to her alone...

Mel uses Sharon to help Hunter

Mel is distracted over Hunter, trying to get hold of antibiotics for him, but is forced to cover when Sharon arrives, clearly worried about her amniocentesis.

Sharon is surprised when Mel offers to accompany her, but as they wait at the hospital, Mel's plan becomes clear.

She orchestrates an opportunity to help Hunter before joining Sharon at her appointment.

Back on the Square, Mel rushes to meet Hunter but unbeknownst to her, Ben sees her heading to the basement and follows.

Ben's onto Mel

As Mel heads to work she is stopped in her tracks by Sharon, Billy and Ben who know Hunter's escaped as it's front page news.

Sharon comforts Mel, but Ben's suspicions grow after seeing her shifty behaviour.

Ben corners Mel and after revealing he saw her by the flat Hunter's hiding in, Mel relents and gives Ben what he wants.

Mel packs her bag with cash from the E20 safe and heads back to Hunter.

Mel plans to flee

Mel's paranoia grows and noticing she's upset, Jack offers Mel some comfort, but he ends up putting his foot in it.

Things get worse for Mel when the police arrive with shocking news.

Feeling the pressure, Mel's determined to flee with Hunter, especially when Billy reveals the other prisoners have been caught.

Mel finally gets the passports but as she races home, Ben purposely bumps into Mel.

Fed up with being strung along, Ben issues Mel an ultimatum.

Mel makes the final preparations to leave Walford. As she covers her tracks at work, her behaviour makes Sharon suspicious.

Realising how much she's leaving behind, Mel manages to say goodbye to Amy.

Iqra comes out

Habiba urges Iqra to come out insisting secrets ruin everything.

Iqra reveals the truth to her grandparents with the support of girlfriend Ash, but despite their positive reaction, Mariam's attitude later concerns Iqra.

Iqra and Ash join the hen party and as Robbie hopelessly flirts with Ash, Iqra kisses her in front of everyone.

Bailey tries to contact Dinah

Despite Chantelle and Keegan trying to stop her, Bailey arranges a meting with a medium Shyanna.

However things don't go to plan and when Chantelle confronts Shyanna she's left spooked.

Later, Keegan offers Bailey his support and gives her hope for the future.

Jean seeks comfort in Daniel

Tensions are running high at the Slaters' with Stacey on the run, leading Jean to seek solace in Daniel.

Jean's relieved to be able to speak openly with Daniel.

Keen to have some love in her life, Mo spots Daniel in the café and tries to flirt, unaware of who he is.

Jean interrupts them and heads off for a day out with Daniel.

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