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Tuesday 7th July 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Phil may not be all that glad to be home...

Next week in Walford sees Linda and Shirley get into a blazing row, Martin is forced to confess and Phil is on his way back, just as Sharon and Keanu give in to temptation...

Monday November 19

Linda resists the pleas of Tina, Whitney and Halfway to visit Mick - and refuses to take back her wedding ring.

And after Tina confronts Stuart, Whitney pipes up on Mick’s behalf. But why does Stuart believe there’s still hope for Linda and Mick?

Kat begs Alfie over FaceTime to let her see the kids - but she’s left devastated after it becomes clear they were in the country only last week.

Skipping her cleaning shift at The Vic, Kat helps herself to the booze behind the bar but is caught by Linda.

Luckily for Kat, Linda take pity on her and decides to ask her to help out serving - much to Stuart’s annoyance.

Ruby’s joy at getting the keys to her new home quickly evaporates after the specialist police officer investigating her rape arrives with an update for her: the photo of her kissing Matt has been discovered.

Martin, meanwhile, tries and fails to hide his guilt as he attempts to comfort her.

Tuesday November 20

A panicked Martin begs Kush to cover for him with Ruby. But Martin is forced to come clean after Stacey confronts Kush over the pic she believes he has passed on.

After being calmed down by Martin, Stacey is crushed to learn he was responsible for giving the photo to police especially now Ruby is dropping the charges.

Sharon is shook up as she spots Louise and Keanu together.

Louise is merely asking him about driving lessons, but jealous Sharon is too taken with him to think clearly.

Shirley loses her cool with Linda as she makes a surprise return to The Vic and finds out what’s been going on.

Turning to Phil for help, he reveals he’ll sort out a lawyer for Mick when he returns in the next few days.

However, when Shirley arrives to collect her belongings from the pub, a clash with Linda and Stuart kicks off.

And it's Linda’s possessions that end up chucked over the bar as the row escalates.

Thursday November 22

Unable to resist temptation any longer as she sees him fixing Dennis’ bike, Sharon confuses Keanu as she invites him to join her for lunch.

He questions why she is flirting and playing games leading Sharon to finally admit how she feels about him: she is in love.

After making up, they skip lunch and head straight to bed… but Sharon has no idea Phil is heading back to Albert Square.

Having stayed the night with Stuart, things get way out of hand after a determined Linda calls the police to The Vic.

And it looks like Linda has won when Shirley is informed she can’t throw Linda out of her own home.

But how will Shirley react?

Ian is left disappointed after an offended Kim lies to him and claims Mel is involved with her choir.

He turns up to rehearsals, but Mel is nowhere to be seen.

Friday November 23

Big bear Phil is back. And he’s probably going to want to know who’s been sleeping in his bed.

But who will he catch first: Sharon and Keanu or Louise and Keegan?

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