FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Who will get baby Abi?

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Is all about the Walford babies in EastEnders next week as the battle for baby Abi Branning takes a nasty turn, and Kat helps Hayley fight for baby Slater…

Monday November 12

Max is fuming when he receives a statement from Cora’s solicitor revealing she knows his marriage is fake and that Rainie and Jack slept together.

Cora is convinced she now has the upper hand. She delivers some harsh words to Max and Rainie, and Rainie sees red.

Keegan’s behaving strangely and it’s worrying Bernadette. But Karen thinks he’s just nervous about his counselling session, so she supports him through it.

Hayley feels she is getting better at being a mum, but Bev continues to undermine her. When Hayley later overhears her mum on the phone, she’s horrified at what she’s saying.

Tuesday November 13

Rainie extends an olive branch to Cora, but all hell breaks loose and Cora lashes out leaving Rainie injured.

Max takes the opportunity to make a quick exit with baby Abi, but he’s stunned when the police arrive and take the little girl away.

Kat turns up at Hayley’s and wants to know what’s going on. When Hayley admits Bev wants her to give up the baby, Kat gives Bev a piece of her mind.

An upset Hayley leaves Kat and Bev alone. Bev then offers Kat a cut of the money if she gets Hayley on board with her plan.

Thursday November 15

Dot encourages Doctor Legg to visit his parents grave. But they’re devastated to find it’s been vandalised.

Kat is stunned when Alfie calls her asking to meet. She’s shocked to find him waiting for her, but is furious to learn her sons are still in Spain.

A hospitalised Rainie agrees with Max to press charges against Cora. But Max delivers some harsh home truths to his wife.

Tiffany is impressed by her new friend, Evie. But Tiff soon finds herself in a difficult situation when she finds out the truth.

EastEnders is on Monday at 8pm, and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. There is no Friday episode this week due to Children In Need.

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