FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Linda turns Sharon's world upside down

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Next week’s EastEnders sees Linda drop a huge bombshell on Sharon as her drinking continues to spiral, while Patrick meets Isaac, and Kat’s put in a dangerous position…

Linda spills the beans

Linda is horrified when she realises she has forgotten Mick’s birthday, and quickly covers by throwing a surprise party.

But at the party it is clear that Linda is struggling not to drink.

Mick celebrates, but little does he know Linda has been drinking upstairs and has disappeared while she is supposed to be looking after Ollie.

As Linda heads to the Prince Albert for more booze, she bumps into Sharon.

The pair call a truce, but Sharon is shocked when Linda drunkenly reveals Keanu is alive.

Mick’s forced to face facts

The next day Linda is horrified when Mick reveals her actions from the night before.

Shirley and Tina find Linda’s secret stash of alcohol and try to make Mick see that his wife needs help.

But before he can confront Linda, Mick gets a call from the school to say a social worker has been called on Ollie’s behalf.

The teacher reveals Ollie is struggling with his mum’s drinking, leaving Mick horrified and Linda defensive.

Kat in danger 

Kat is thrilled when Whitney helps set up a business meeting with a potential new client.

Kat is offered the contract, but soon it becomes clear Leo has meddled once again, leaving Kat in trouble.

Kat opens up to Kush about her past… and she is reassured when he vows to support her, bringing them closer together than ever.

Isaac meets Patrick 

Sheree plucks up the courage to visit Patrick and explain what happened at Christmas, but it’s not long before she drops a bombshell that rocks Patrick’s world.

Later Patrick meets Isaac for the first time and, although they get off to a rocky start, things pick up as they get to know one another.

Lisa makes plans for Louise 

Worried by Louise’s behaviour, Lisa decides they need to move to Portugal for a fresh start.

But the news doesn’t go down well with Phil, and he refuses to let them leave. Will Louise listen to her dad?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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