FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

The walls are closing in on the Mitchells

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There’s trouble in EastEnders when the police arrive to question the Mitchells about Keanu’s disappearance, Sonia goes to great lengths to protect Martin, and Linda is shocked by her own actions on New Year’s Eve…

Louise begins to crack

Bex is worried about new mum Louise when it becomes clear that she’s struggling to cope.

Lisa is shocked when Bex tells her about Louise’s troubles and vows to help her daughter.

Martin warns Ben to keep Louise under control, worried that she is going to ruin everything.

Later Ben gives his sister a severe warning, but soon everything proves too much for Louise.

Lisa worries when Louise breaks down and confesses that Keanu is dead and it’s all her fault.

Phil finds out the truth

Phil is fuming when he finds out Ben got Martin to do their dirty work.

Ben defends his decision to trust Martin, but Phil isn’t happy.

And things only get worse when Lisa arrives and tells Phil that Louise is cracking under the pressure.

The police arrive to question Phil about Keanu’s disappearance, but will he manage to stick to the story?

It seems the family is starting to unravel…

Mick and Linda’s marriage hits the rocks 

Mick lies to Shirley about Linda’s hotel booking on New Year’s Eve, oblivious to the fact she already knows the truth.

Linda is shocked when Mick tells her she booked into a hotel on New Year’s Eve with another man… causing another argument.

Later the family finally get good news, but will Linda use it as an excuse to drink as they celebrate?

Sonia does the unthinkable 

Martin is concerned to hear his hit and run victim, George, is awake.

Sonia does some investigating at work but is left shaken after speaking to him.

Sonia is shocked when she realises George has been doing some research of his own and he’s soon making some huge demands, leading to Sonia taking drastic measures to protect Martin.

Honey thinks she’s pregnant

Honey is worried when Habiba mentions it is six weeks since Adam left and races to get a pregnancy test.

Will it be positive?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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