FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Martin's back and Ben is on the warpath...

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Next week’s EastEnders sees Martin clash with Ben, while Habiba gives Honey some shocking home truths and Kathy challenges Rainie to turn her life around.

Martin returns for Bex

Sonia is stunned to see Martin by Bex’s hospital bedside, and oblivious to the real reason he skipped town, she lays into him for not being there for their daughter.

Martin knows it is dangerous going back to Walford with Ben still there, but Sonia begs him to stay for Bex’s sake.

Bex is allowed home from hospital, leading to Martin vowing to stay in Walford and help his daughter. When he later sees Ben, Martin pleads with him to let Stacey come home.

But Ben gets a call from Jags to say he’s kidnapped Lola, and Ben wants Martin’s help to get her home safely.

Ben promises to wipe the slate clean if Martin helps save Lola, but of course he doesn’t stick to his word, leaving Martin fuming.

Ben tells Martin he needs to find a car for Kheerat or he will be handing the wrench with Stacey’s prints on it into the police.

Martin and Sonia help Bex through her meeting with a mental health nurse, but Martin is worried about the trouble he is caught up in with Ben.

By the end of the week, tensions reach breaking point between Martin and Ben, leading to Martin lashing out at his new nemesis.

Will Stacey ever be able to come back to Walford?

Habiba tells Honey some home truths 

After discovering Mariam was mugged, Honey suggests they host a dinner for her.

But while they’re cooking the meal, Honey is stunned when Habiba confronts her about Adam’s behaviour, telling her she deserves better.

With Habiba’s words on her mind, things turn seriously awkward at a family meal between Adam and Honey.

But things are looking up for Iqra when Mariam apologises and tells her she is proud of her.

Adam pulls out all the stops and organises a romantic picnic for Honey, but she can’t forget Habiba’s words of warning.

Meanwhile, over at the Ahmeds’ Iqra shocks Arshad by telling him Adam cheated on Honey with Habiba.

Kathy tests Rainie 

Desperate for cash, Rainie begs Kathy for a job at the cafe, and Ian isn’t impressed when Kathy agrees to give Rainie a trial.

Rainie’s trial doesn’t go well, and when Ian tells her she has lost her chance of a job, she turns to alcohol.

Wanting to believe that Rainie has changed, Kathy challenges her to the ultimate test.

Can Rainie turn her life around for Abi’s sake?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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