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Will Whitney marry Callum?

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Whitney and Callum’s doomed wedding day arrives, Hunter goes missing, and Bianca and Tiffany have a heart-to-heart in next week’s EastEnders.

Whitney and Callum’s wedding day arrives 

After discovering the shocking secret that Callum had a fling with Ben, bride Whitney is in turmoil as her wedding day arrives.

She’s torn whether to go through with the wedding, but Callum begs her to marry him, claiming she is the one he wants to be with.

Across the Square, Sonia is panicking when Bianca goes missing after a night out with Kat.

Bianca was supposed to be a wedding surprise for Whitney’s big day, but she’s nowhere to be found.

All dressed and ready for her wedding, Whitney is stunned when they tell her Bianca is back, but no one knows where she is.

Whitney is adamant that she won’t get married until they have tracked her down.

As everyone heads off to find Bianca, Whitney is still secretly torn about whether to marry Callum.

Callum is terrified that the wedding won’t be going ahead, and vows to help find Bianca in a bid to get Whitney to the service on time.

Meanwhile, at the venue Best Man Mick is trying to stall the wedding while everyone waits for Whitney.

As guests start to get impatient, they start to wonder if the wedding will even go ahead.

Mick tries to distract everyone from the fact that the bride has gone AWOL, along with Bianca.

Eventually Bianca is located and the service can start, but when Whitney sees Ben at the service she is furious and confronts him.

Will she go through with the wedding, or will seeing Ben make her realise that she’s not the one Callum really wants?

Not everyone is happy to see Bianca…

Tiffany isn’t impressed to see her mum after all this time and wonders why she didn’t come back when she needed her most.

Mel plans her escape

After putting the finishing touches to her escape plan, Mel is desperate to get Hunter out of Walford so they can start a new life abroad.

But she needs to wait for the coast to be clear before she can smuggle him out.

Mel orders her son into the boot so they can leave Walford undetected, but just as they are about to leave Albert Square forever, an unexpected arrival ruins their plans… Lisa!

Mel is stunned to see her best friend back in Walford and the pair head indoors to catch up.

Lisa wants help getting Louise and Kenau out of the country and, with Mel also going abroad, she suggests they all leave together.

But when she gets back to the car, she’s sickened to find Hunter is missing and so is her gun. Is jack about to pay the ultimate price for handing Hunter over to the police?

Keanu returns for revenge

Keanu comes back looking for revenge on Ben, determined to clear his name after being framed for Phil’s attack.

But things soon turn nasty between the enemies…

But the pair comes to blows and soon Phil learns that Keanu is back in town.

Will he manage to find daughter Louise now that Lisa and Keanu are in Walford?

Tiffany confronts Bianca

Patsy Palmer

Bianca is given a reality check from Sonia about not being there for Tiffany while she was going through her grooming ordeal at the hands of evil Evie and her gang.

Bianca asks Tiffany if they can talk, desperate to clear the air with her daughter.

Tiffany and Bianca open up, but will they manage to mend their fractured relationship before Bianca leaves Walford again?

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