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Thursday 16th July 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

It's a dark time for the Mitchells

The Mitchells stay by Phil's bedside, Callum struggles to write his vows, and Iqra catches Habiba and Adam in next week's EastEnders.

The Mitchells stay at Phil's bedside

The whole Square is rocked by news of Phil's attack and as some residents panic and try to cover up the truth, tensions run high and people start pointing fingers.

As one person gets arrested, another resorts to shocking and dangerous lengths in order to cover their tracks.

At the hospital the Mitchells rally around Phil's bedside and as one person learns the truth they're left dumbstruck.

Meanwhile, the police close in on a suspect as the evidence against them starts to pile up...

Callum struggles to write his vows

Callum struggles to write his wedding vows.

Knowing how excited Whitney is to hear them only makes him feel worse.

Callum is at a loss as he tries to write them leaving Whitney annoyed.

It doesn't help matters when Mick, Mitch and Stuart give Callum poor advice.

Callum continues to try his best with his vows. Will he get them written?

Iqra catches Habiba and Adam

When Billy struggles to keep his jealousy of Adam in check, Honey gives him some home truths.

Meanwhile, Iqra is suspicious of Habiba's sudden illness. She catches her at home with Adam.

Lola confronts Habiba

Iqra is not impressed with Habiba. Adam makes a quick exit.

Iqra tries to make her sister see sense but Habiba chases after Adam.

She runs into Lola who confronts her and as the pair have a stand off, Lola gives Habiba food for thought.

Mariam realises she's forgotten something but Habiba offers to go to the shops for her.

Spotting Adam, Habiba sets a trap...

Iqra invites Bobby over for Eid

At Walford East, Bobby jumps to Iqra's defence with a difficult customer.

Iqra admits she knows Bobby's exploring Islam.

She encourages him to tell his family and invites him to Eid at the Ahmeds'.

Kat makes a mess in the kitchen

Kat attempts to do some baking. Jean watches on as she makes a mess.

Sheree makes herself at home

Sheree makes herself a little too at home, much to Denise's annoyance.

After some coaxing from Patrick, Denise backs down.

Denise's patience is tested with Patrick and Sheree in the salon. Things get worse when Chantelle reduces her hours.

Denise isn't prepared for Sheree's suggestion...

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