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Stacey refuses to back down

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Jack’s money is taken from Rainie, Shirley betrays Jean, and Ben’s behaviour spirals out of control in next week’s EastEnders.

Jack and Max track down Rainie

Max is desperate to get Abi back and attempts to contact Rainie but she hangs up.

Jack recognises the hotel logo in a picture Rainie has sent and he and Max go to find her.

Meanwhile, Rainie meets a hotel guest named Michael who spots her bag of money and offers to take her for a drink.

She declines and goes to check out but she spots Max and Jack coming in and goes back upstairs.

Max and Jack are confused when Michael answers the door and denies any knowledge of Rainie.

The money is taken

As Rainie prepares to leave the hotel, she realises all of her money has been taken. She’s forced to escape without paying.

Max struggles to hold things together and turns up to work drunk, meanwhile a distraught Rainie messages Stuart for help.

When Stuart runs into Max, he hides the fact that Rainie has been in touch and instead goes to find her.

Rainie goes to desperate lengths to earn money, things soon turn dangerous but Stuart arrives just in time.

Stuart does his best to help Rainie but is taken aback when she comes up with a dangerous money-making scheme.

Wanting to protect her, he is left with no choice but to go along with it.

Meanwhile, Kathy suggests to Ian that going to the police is for the best, even if social services get involved.

Jack’s week gets worse

Jack’s police friend Muski arrives and warns him his name has come up in an investigation – he attacked Fraser.

Jack turns to Denise and asks for an alibi, but when he won’t reveal why in order to protect Tiffany, Denise storms off.

After some words of wisdom from Kush, she agrees to help, but with Jack still not telling her why, she ends things.

Tiffany feels guilty and talks to Denise about Jack, sharing some kind words about her uncle.

Adam and Habiba caught out?

After some advice from Denise, Jack asks Adam if he can exchange on the flat that week.

As Adam contemplates, Jack spots a half-dressed Habiba in the background.

Adam scolds Habiba. Have they been caught out?

Phil’s onto the Slaters

Phil spots Stacey with a new phone leaving him suspicious.

He asks Shirley to find out if the Slaters have his money and he’ll give her a cut.

Shirley is suspicious when she sees Jean with new items of clothing.

Back at the Slaters’, Jean returns them to Stacey as she wants no part in Phil’s missing money.

Stacey refuses to put things behind her

After an incident with Arthur, Kush suggests to Stacey they put the past behind them.

With Stacey having none of it, Martin later admits he and Kush have sorted things out.

Annoyed, Stacey snaps at Martin who begs her to make amends with Kat. Martin and Jean are both concerned when she refuses.

Shirley betrays Jean

At the hospital, Jean opens up to Shirley and hints the feud all comes down to money.

Before Shirley relays the information to Phil, she makes him another offer.

Shirley breaks the news to the Slaters that Phil knows they have his money and they are horrified. They have until later that day to give it back.

The family refuse to back down. It doesn’t take Jean long to realise Shirley betrayed her.

Later on, Jean begs Stacey to give the money back as they can’t go on like this.

When Shirley returns for the money, she is frustrated when Kat and Mo refuse to hand it over.

Ben struggles to cope

Shirley warns Phil about Ben’s behaviour. After talking to Lola and Keanu, Phil takes drastic action.

Phil grows tired of Ben’s irresponsible behaviour and after another all-nighter, a concerned Lola forces Ben to reveal what’s going on.

Despite Lola’s support Ben spots two men sneering at him and after Lola leaves he antagonises them and they soon get into a fight outside.

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