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Wednesday 5th August 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Bobby's return ruffles a few feathers

Keanu finds out about Sharon's pregnancy, Bobby struggles to settle back in, Stacey and Kat continue to argue, and Tiffany spots someone she recognises in next week's EastEnders.

Sharon's pregnany becomes public knowledge

Phil feels guilty for telling the family about Sharon's pregnancy and insists they keep it to themselves.

Linda overhears Ben and Lola discussing the news and rushes to congratulate Sharon but is confused when Sharon covers.

Disappointed by Sharon's secrecy, Linda urges Mick to talk to Phil and when Mick challenges him to a game of darts, Phil realises what's going on and opens up to Mick about the pregnancy.

Later, Sharon scolds Louise for almost telling Keanu about her pregnancy, but as Sharon and Phil have a heart-to-heart, Louise struggles to keep the secret.

Louise tells Keanu Sharon is pregnant, leaving him stunned.

Keanu confronts Sharon who's adamant the baby is Phil's but despite her assurances, Keanu insists on telling Louise about the affair.

As Keanu takes Louise for lunch to reveal all, Sharon rushes to find him.

When Karen questions what's going on, she is mortified to discover Sharon is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Keanu broaches the subject - will he tell Louise everything?

Keanu is kidnapped

Louise prepares for her first scan, but is upset when she's unable to reach Keanu.

Meanwhile, Keanu is alarmed to wake up tied up in an empty warehouse - he's been kidnapped. Fearing Phil is behind it, Keanu desperately looks for an escape.

At the hospital, Ben revels in Keanu's absence.

Bobby struggles to settle back in

Bobby struggles to settle back in and Kathy desperately tries to get hold of Ian. Lola shares her fears about living with Bobby.

Concerned about everyone's reaction to his return, Kathy tries to keep Bobby indoors. She asks Ben to keep an eye on him.

Max spots Bobby

Kathy is concerned about Bobby's distant behaviour as he struggles to settle back in.

With constant reminders of Lucy at home, Bobby keeps a low profile and heads towards Bridge Street but is shaken when a group of boys take his cap and Max recognises him.

Furious, Max chases Bobby back home and smashes down the door.

Ben arrives back and finds Max towering over a terrified Bobby.

After Max leaves, Ben tries to support Bobby but ends up upsetting him even further.

Max confronts Kathy for not telling him Bobby was back, Kathy rushes to check on Bobby.

Later on, Ben finds Kathy sobbing and she shares her concerns about Bobby.

At the Brannings', a raging Max tells Rainie what's going on.

Arthur wants to spend time with Kush

Stacey continues to give Kat the cold shoulder and things get worse when Stacey and Martin tell Kush he can't spend his birthday with Arthur as they already have plans.

Denise later picks up on the tension and encourages Martin and Kush to talk, but her plan backfires when Kush offends Martin.

With Jean unwell, Stacey accepts Kat's offer to take Arthur to the park but having previously made plans to meet Kush, both Kat and Kush agree it's best if Kush leaves.

However, when Arthur pleads with his dad to stay, Kush can't resist.

Stacey quits the cleaning business

When Martin gets wind of what's happening he and Stacey rush to confront Kat and Kush. They get more than they bargained for.

Stacey covers the stall for Martin but once he leaves she confronts Kush.

Feeling like Kat has sided with Kush, Stacey tells Kat she is quitting the cleaning business.

Tiffany sees a face from her past

With Keegan on her mind, Tiffany suggests to Bernadette that she should try online dating but she shrugs off the idea.

Tiffany supports Bernadette who reveals she's been matched with someone named Sophia on the dating app.

Later, Tiffany and Keegan hang out and continue to flirt when they are barged by a group of boys. Tiffany recognises one of them.

Is this the end of Kiffany?

Keegan sees Tiffany distracted by the group of boys and storms off. The pair have a huge argument.

At the cafe Jack spots a troubled Tiffany. Will she explain what's on her mind?

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