FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Will Keanu get the answers he's after?

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The Baker family suffer a loss, Kush and Kat can’t keep their distance, and Keanu wants answers in next week’s EastEnders.

Karen tries to help Dinah

Karen goes to check on Dinah and later Mitch finds Karen upset. Karen blames the rift with Chantelle. Mitch asks Chantelle to make things right so she asks Karen to lunch.

Karen soon receives a worrying text from Dinah and arrives at the flat to find Dinah has fallen again.

When the nurse arrives, Karen asks for help with Dinah’s depression as a result of her deteriorating health and he suggests an appointment with the mental health nurse.

He also suggests Karen call Darren, a patient who’s been in Dinah’s position, and asks him to speak to Dinah. But when Karen finds her writing future birthday cards for Bailey her concerns grow.

Later, Karen is relieved when Darren agrees to meet with Dinah. Can he help her?

Dinah takes her own life

Karen’s pleased that Dinah seems to be in good spirits and agrees to have Bailey stay over. She doesn’t realise Dinah is making her final plans.

Dinah spends some quality time with Bailey but her guilt kicks in when Karen and Chantelle arrive to take Bailey to the park.

After struggling to get out of work, Mitch arrives back to check on Dinah. He’s distraught to find she has taken her own life.

As Karen heads home she spots the ambulance. Seeing Mitch, her worst fears are confirmed and she knows Dinah went through with her plan.

Karen and Mitch are distraught following Dinah’s actions. Mitch is further shaken when the police find Dinah’s note.

Keegan tries to protect a distraught Bailey, taking her upstairs to the Taylors’ flat.

Kat and Kush can’t keep their distance

Kat revels in joining Martin and Stacey as they tease Kush about his love life.

Meanwhile, Stacey takes Kat’s love life into her own hands setting her up with Martin’s supplier, Marc, much to Kush’s secret dismay.

Kat joins Stacey and Martin for a double date at The Vic. As Kush arrives she tries to make him jealous.

Kat’s tactics work and she ditches Marc, sneaking back to Kush’s. They agree to keep their affair a secret but struggle when Kush lets Bex use his flat to study.

With the Slaters out of the house Kat invites Kush over but as one thing leads to another, Martin and Stacey return home. Is their secret about to be revealed?

Keanu demands answers

Kush worries when Bex over-exerts herself running and insists she fine. She is stunned when she returns home to find Keanu waiting for her.

As Keanu quizzes her about Louise, he picks up her pills. Bex panics.

Keanu confronts Louise and she shares some harsh words with her ex. As Keanu drowns his sorrows in The Vic, Linda asks Sharon to help.

When Keanu storms off to the car, she tries her best to support him. Can she help him?

Denise and Jack get together?

Mick tries to play matchmaker for one of Linda’s friends but he ends up pushing Jack and Denise together.

Jack is left helpless when neither Max nor Rainie can babysit Amy so he can meet Denise.

Amy calls Mel who is happy to help. Mel hides her surprise when she learns about Jack’s date and when Max enters he winds Mel up.

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