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Two huge returns

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Ben hatches a new plan, Lola tries to befriend Habiba, and Louise has a worrying realisation in next week’s EastEnders.

Ben has a new plan

Ben faces the consequences of recent events and desperately tries to make things up to Phil and Lola.

After overhearing a tense conversation between Stuart and Rainie, Ben gets an idea and purposely sabotages a sale at the car lot before offering Rainie his services to fix the broken car.

She clocks on to what he’s doing and accuses him of purposely damaging the car. He threatens her and storms off.

When Rainie later realises the cars have been stolen, she knows exactly who’s to blame.

Across the Square, Ben revels in his plan and instructs Lola to be his alibi for the night before, but is taken aback when Rainie aggressively confronts him in the cafe.

Max returns

With Ben planning his next move against Rainie, she’s left shocked when Max arrives home.

He reveals he wants them to move forward as a couple leaving Rainie furious. But will she agree?

Louise has some shock news

Meanwhile Bex is shocked to learn Louise is pregnant and after some encouragement from her best friend, Louise breaks the news to Keanu.

Before Keanu has a chance to speak, Louise rushes off leaving Keanu to confide in Karen about what he should do. After a tough reality check from his mum, Keanu reaches out to Louise but with Sharon close by, Louise ignores his calls.

Louise is worried about what Keanu might say. Despite her fears, she goes to see him but makes an upsetting discovery.

Distraught, she turns to Bex for support. What has she found out?

Mitch, Bailey and Dinah move onto Albert Squre

Bailey struggles to come to terms with Dinah moving into a care home. Wanting to help, Ted offers his flat to Mitch, Dinah and Bailey saying he’ll move in with Patrick.

Bailey misses looking after Dinah by herself and Dinah calls Karen, worried about Bailey. Karen does her best to support them both but Dinah struggles with the toll the situation is having on her daughter.

The Atkins move in

The Atkins family move into number 1 and Chantelle takes control, Karen meddles and attempts to sell some of Kim’s old belongings. Feeling hurt, Kim comes to blows with Karen.

As an argument kicks off, Chantelle is embarrassed when Gray and the children return and witness the commotion.

Fed up, Chantelle shares some unkind words with Karen, leaving her upset.

As the Taylors help with the move, Chantelle tries her hardest to makes amends with Karen who refuses to come around. Will she forgive her daughter for what she said?

Mick is back

Over at the Vic, it’s Tina’s birthday but Shirley refuses to reveal her present. Later on Shirley leads Tina and Linda to the barrel store.

They’re excited to see Mick hiding in there waiting for Tina with a cake.

Lola hatches a plan

Billy spots Habiba and Adam together in the cafe. When Lola realises what’s going on, she decides to befriend Habiba.

Iqra and Habiba are caught off guard when Mariam and Arshad return unannounced and panic about how they’re going to explain their presence in the Square. Lola soon arrives to see Habiba and despite Iqra’s warning that something isn’t right, Habiba heads off with Lola.

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