FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

The unthinkable happens to Mick Carter

Menace hangs heavily in the air in Walford while Mick is betrayed by the one person he thought he could always rely on…

Monday 1st

Annoyed that Jagger has been ignoring her in front of his mates, Tiff snaps at Robbie.

Ray tells Hunter what he’s really doing in Walford and swears him to secrecy… but is he telling the truth?

Mel’s furious when she arrives to see Ray has been plying Hunter with booze.

Keanu is mortified when mum Karen catches him taking sexy selfies for Sharon.

Later she’s shocked to discover how young he is (!) – does this spell the end of the odd couple’s affair?

Tuesday 2nd

As compelling new evidence comes to light, Linda decides that Mick must be guilty of killing Stuart.

Bernadette makes an enemy of Jagger and, as Tiff sides with him, he secretly plots revenge.

Thursday 4th

Jack is left smarting when Ray suggests that he has some dirt on him.

Friday 5th

Mick loses it as he begs for Linda to speak to him via a call to Shirley.

Mel is growing increasingly suspicious of Ray and contemplates rifling through his wallet when he leaves it behind.

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