FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Can Linda help Mick see things in a new light?

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Mick’s at rock bottom, but has a new focus, Tiffany’s under pressure and Stuart’s got some explaining to do – again – in next week’s EastEnders…

Monday January 14

Mick turns down Mitch’s offer to coach the football team together, but wants to help Mitch spend time with Keegan so the three of them have a kick about.

Mick soon finds himself out-skilled by one of the football mums, Megan, and agrees to help coach the team.

With pressure mounting from Evie, Tiffany is stunned when she’s told she has to find a replacement for Rat.

When Bernadette drops another bombshell on Tiff, Tiff snaps leaving Bernie heartbroken.

Later at the cafe, Tiffany is horrified when Evie tells her to recruit Denny as Rat’s replacement.

Tuesday January 15

Mitch has persuaded Mick to help coach the football team. But after Linda says she needs his help, Mick backs out.

At The Vic, Mick snaps at Linda, struggling to hold it together. Linda is later stunned to find her husband in a complete state upstairs.

Doctor Legg has been trying to tell Dot that Stuart stole the photo of his wife. He eventually plucks up the courage and Dot is stunned.

Rainie is touched by Max’s concern for her welfare, but still annoyed he won’t leave her with Abi. In a bid to get his trust, she hides how ill she really is.

Thursday January 17

Dot confronts Stuart about the stolen photo and demands he leave. However, when she later finds him searching for the picture, they have a heart-to-heart.

With tensions running high between them, Linda begs Mick to open up to her and he finally tells her about prison. Linda gives him her blessing to coach the football team.

Friday January 18

Rainie loves how attentive Max is being. But she’s upset when she realises he’s playing football instead of spending time with her, will she confront him?

Mick and the team are stranded when the minibus doesn’t show up. With no way of getting to the match, Mick organises the residents to play in the Square.

Megan criticises his idea, but will she come round?

Dr Legg is pleased when the Rabbi tells him his parents grave has been restored. He agrees to meet the people responsible so they can apologise.

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