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Who is this mystery girl?

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Max and Rainie’s relationship hits the rocks as Abi’s birthday party approaches, Mitch helps out the Taylors and Bernadette drops Tiffany in it with Evie…

Monday January 7th

After spending the night at Bernadette’s, Tiffany sneaks out and meets Evie at the cafe.

The Taylors’ bathroom gets destroyed after Karen gives Bernadette a makeover. Whilst helping clear up, Bernie is left heartbroken when Evie deliberately kisses Tiff in front of her.

Max is called to work and asks Jack to look after Abi. Feeling left out, Rainie offers to take charge of the party.

However, Rainie ends up dropping Abi’s birthday cake after a dizzy spell. Taking on too, much Rainie collapses and is later found by Max.

Tuesday January 8th

Tiffany discovers Evie’s worker Rat in Ted’s flat.

Tiffany takes Rat under her wing while Evie goes to threaten addict, Craig, who owes her money.

When Evie refuses to let Tiffany take Rat out on a job, Tiff asks Bernadette to cover for her.

Bernadette confronts Evie accidentally dropping Tiffany in it, leaving Evie furious.

Mitch arrives on Albert Square to fix Karen’s bathroom but leaves a young girl called Bailey in his van.

When Craig tries to break into Mitch’s van he gets a shock when Bailey hits him.

Worried about Bailey being seen Mitch gives her a football to keep her out of trouble. However, it all kicks off when she smashes one of The Vic’s windows.

Mick overreacts and Mitch quickly defends the young girl, claiming she is his friend’s daughter.

Thursday January 10th

Realising she’s dropped Tiffany in it, Berndatte tries to put things right but is unnerved by Evie’s threatening response.

On the job with Rat, Tiff gets annoyed when Bernadette arrives to warn her but the pair end up arguing.

Things get worse when the tube is held on the platform and two transport police board.

When Max won’t give Rainie the benefit of the doubt with Abi, she throws her birthday present away.

Jack shows Max the present – a photo album for Abi full of pictures of her mum. Moved by the present, Max relents letting Rainie see to Abi when she cries.

Friday January 11th

Mick and Mitch help get the training session underway.

EastEnders is on Monday and Friday at 8pm, and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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