FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Corrie in 10 pictures

Abi is at rock bottom after Tracy's confession

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Abi faces some tough times when she relapses, but Seb might have a solution, Sinead pursues alternative therapies, and Leanne finds out the truth in next week’s Coronation Street…

Monday November 12

Struggling at Streetcars, devastated Abi falls off the wagon drinking vodka. She later phones Tracy begging for help and Trace finds her unconscious, so calls an ambulance. Tracy is consumed with guilt, but will she confess?

Audrey wins a lifetime achievement award, but is drunk when she accepts it. She tipsily talks about Maria being like a daughter to her, leaving Maria questioning her decision to leave the salon.

Tracy and Steve sign Amy’s contract, but are stunned when they discover some of the clauses. Tracy later tries to be the perfect mother to Amy, but will her daughter buy the act?

Wednesday November 14

Simon announces he wants to join the Navy. Peter is on board, but Leanne is horrified – can she talk him out of it?

A guilty Tracy visits Abi in hospital and confesses what she did. Abi throws her out and then discovers her contact with the twins has been suspended.

Seb sees red and trashes the florist, but Abi stops him. However, Ken catches Abi and she takes the blame. Tracy doesn’t want to press charges, but it’s too late as Abi is arrested.

Friday November 16

Elsa overhears Leanne talking about Nick and follows her back to the flat. As Leanne and Nick get passionate, Elsa turns up and Nick is forced to come clean.

Gina heads out on a date and is shocked to find it’s Duncan – the man who set Sally up.

Gina reveals she’s Sally’s sister and he calmly explains how he had an affair with Sal and she made him defraud the council. Will Gina believe him?

Sinead cooks up a plan to put Daniel off going to her chemo session. She then lies to him about going and tells him she’s turning vegan to help her chances of survival.

Abi faces the court and is sent down for 16 weeks. Meanwhile, Seb decides he’s going to apply to adopt the twins.

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