FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Bethany is faced with a tough decision

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There’s trouble heading for Coronation Street next week when Ray Crosby blackmails Abi Franklin and Kevin Webster, while Bethany Platt makes a huge decision about her future…

Bethany gets a new job

Bethany admits to Sarah that she thinks Ray is blocking her chances of getting restaurant work.

Sarah offers her a job at Underworld.

Sarah tells Beth to be nice at work, but she is soon accusing Bethany of stealing Sinead’s life.

Bethany is upset when she gets a rejection letter from collage…

But things are looking up when she is offered a magazine internship instead.

Bethany makes a decision about her future

Sarah is thrilled for her daughter, until Bethany admits she doesn’t want to move to London because she’d miss Daniel.

Sarah begs Bethany not to miss out on her dream career just because of Daniel, but will Bethany listen?

Sarah hen do ends in disaster

Later Bethany tries to forget her dilemma while they celebrate at Sarah’s hen party.

Everyone is having a good time until Beth arrives, and things quickly turn sour and the accusations start flying.

Beth points the finger at Bethany, revealing to everyone that she is planning to run away to London with Daniel and Bertie. Is she right?

Ray makes an indecent proposal

Ray tells Abi that he will make sure her and Kevin end up in prison unless she sleeps with him.

Abi is sickened by the thought, but feels she doesn’t have much choice in the matter.

Will she go through with it?

Ray demands Kevin sells the garage to him to stay out of prison, but how will his business partner Tyrone take the news?

Tyrone is furious that Kevin has put their livelihood in jeopardy to protect Abi and the pair come to blows.

Geoff shows his true colours

After Geoff and Alya clash, Geoff takes his anger out on Yasmeen once again.

Later Gail hears Yasmeen crying in the garden and Alya’s concern grows.

Are Geoff’s true colours about to be exposed?

Peter and Tracy fight it out

Ken remissies about old times at No.1. But as a sealed bid takes place, will Tracy or Peter be the new owners of the house?

Gemma turns a corner 

Gemma is struggling in the wake of Aled’s hearing diagnosis and Chesney is worried about her.

But when she attends a baby class with the quads, she seems to turn a corner. Could making some mum friends give Gemma the boost she needs?

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