FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

A death in Weatherfield!

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Ryan brings trouble to Michelle’s door when an acquaintance dies after taking drugs, and Steve is caught with his pants down…


Jim starts asking questions about Liz and Johnny’s history.

Liz tells Hannah she can only raise 10K for her treatment.


Crossed wires between him and Tracy leads Steve to thinking he has a free pass to enjoy a bunk-up with Abi.

Johnny is being blackmailed and asks Liz if she’s told Jim about their fling.

Unsuspecting Sean invites Josh into Billy’s flat and suggests he’d be a good catch for Emma…

Peter catches Steve in flagrante!


David loses it with Billy over Josh being back on the Street.

Ryan’s mate Cormac collapses and later dies after taking drugs.

Steve’s worried Peter will tell Tracy about his efforts to play away.

Wannabe paramedic Jude collapses when Yasmeen cuts her finger.

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