FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

There's trouble at sea for Peter

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Roy’s sleepwalking causes concern for Carla, but does she know more than she’s letting on about the fire on Peter’s boat? Here’s a look at next week’s Corrie…

Monday February 11

Carla is shocked to find Roy sleepwalking in the street.

Realising his mum’s death has brought this on, she begs him to get some help dealing with his grief.

Tyrone is struggling to juggle work and parenthood, so Dev sends Mary to the rescue.

Abi is upset when Peter tells her he’s taking a sailing gig in Kefalonia and he’s leaving in two weeks.

She hits the bottle and lashes out at Carla for Peter’s inability to move on. Peter sees how upset she is and invites her to go with him – but does he really mean it?

Wednesday February 13

Simon is furious Peter is taking Abi sailing. Peter doesn’t want his son to be upset so tells him Abi means nothing and he can come instead.

Seb overhears what Peter’s said – will he tell Abi?

Shona is called to the hospital to see Clayton. He’s been beaten up in prison and is in a bad way.

He tells her he wishes she’d died instead of his dad, leaving Shona crushed.

At home later, David wants to know why Clayton was beaten up, but Shona keeps quiet and doesn’t tell him about the drugs.

Peter is stunned to find his boat on fire. He thinks Abi did it in revenge for what he said about her.

As the boat burns, Asha tells Peter Simon is on board. Can Peter rescue his son in time?

Gemma’s attempts to cook a meal for Chesney and Joseph don’t go well and she swears in front of the little lad.

When Joseph later refuses to go to bed and repeats the swear word, Chesney’s cross with Gemma. Upset that their evening is ruined, she storms out.

Friday February 15

With Abi denying any involvement in the boat fire, Peter and the police want to check the factory CCTV to see if it caught the culprit.

When the police arrive to take it, Sarah’s shocked to find the last few days have been deleted.

Peter wants an explanation from Carla about the deleted CCTV. He storms round to Roy’s and accuses her of setting the boat on fire.

She denies it and Roy leaps to her defence. What is Carla hiding?

Amy lies she’s not heard anything about her 12 week scan. Tracy and Steve find the letter and assure her they’ll support her whatever she decides to do.

Vicky interrupts the moment when she arrives and tells Amy Tyler is sorry and wants to be part of the baby’s life. Amy is horrified.

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