FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Fiz finds herself on the wrong side of the law...

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There is drama heading for Coronation Street next week when Fiz is sentenced for firearm possession, Cathy sees Geoff’s true colours, and Kel is caught out…

Fiz goes to court 

Fiz decides it’s time to come clean and tells the police she unwittingly bought a gun as part of a house clearance.

Fiz assures Gary that she has kept his name out of it, but that’s not the end to the drama for Fiz and her family.

Things get worse when social services say Hope and Ruby are allowed home but, because of Hope’s claims against her mum, they can only return if Fiz moves out.

With Fiz in a B&B, Tyrone tries to get answers from Hope, but she remains frustratingly silent.

Imran accompanies a terrified Fiz as she is called into court, where she pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a licence.

The judge gives Fiz a four month sentence, suspended for two years and a £500 fine.

Cathy witnesses Geoff’s abuse

Geoff is fuming when Yasmeen chooses to spend time drinking wine with Cathy instead of doing the cleaning he’s ordered her to do.

But as he vents his anger, he doesn’t realise Cathy is in the house, having forgotten her handbag.

Cathy is shocked by Geoff’s verbal abuse and is worried about her friend.

But Geoff continues to play mind games with Yasmeen by buying her a new state of the art hoover.

Knowing he needs to do damage control, Geoff meets Brian and lies that Yasmeen is an alcoholic.

Brian is shocked by Geoff’s claims, but will anyone else believe him?

Roy and Nina say goodbye to Richard  

Nina and Roy say a sad farewell to Richard at his funeral.

Roy goes to see Nina and is shocked to find bullies have thrown eggs at her door, but things get even more sinister when later a brick is thrown through the window.

Roy asks Nina to move in with him, but she refuses, wanting to stay in the flat she shared with her dad.

Later they bond as Roy opens up about his life with Hayley… could the pair finally be forging a new relationship?

Bernie hunts down Kel 

Paul is horrified when Bernie admits she has been posing as a 14-year-old boy and is planning to meet up with Kel.

Kel is shocked to see Bernie and, realising he has been set up, tries to grab her phone before running away. Will Bernie manage to catch him?

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