FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Sinead is laid to rest

Next week’s Coronation Street sees Daniel’s world shattered all over again when he is arrested shortly after Sinead’s funeral, Vicky lashes out at cheating Robert, and Gemma and Bernie unearth the terrible truth about Kel’s abuse.

More devastation hits Daniel 

Daniel makes it back to Coronation Street just in time for Sinead’s funeral.

The moving service goes smoothly and is just as Sinead had hoped it would be.

Everyone says their final farewells to Sinead, before heading to the Rovers for the wake.

But when Daniel gets home he is devastated to find his flat has been broken into and his laptop with Sinead’s video messages has been stolen.

Daniel sees red and heads to a local pawn shop to find his laptop, and when he thinks he’s tracked it down he tells the shop owner that he’s handling stolen goods.

A broken Daniel smashes a glass display cabinet in a fit of rage, and ends up getting arrested for his crime.

Will Craig manage to persuade the shop owner to drop the charges when he explains what Daniel has been through?

Later Daniel is a broken man as he tries to clear up his trashed flat. Beth finds him and offers a shoulder a cry on.

Will Daniel accept the help he needs?

Bernie and Gemma discover Kel’s crimes

Paul is thrilled when Billy confesses he still loves him, and Paul assures Billy he wants him in his life and intends to make him proud.

As Paul makes a romantic dinner for Billy, it seems he can finally leave his dark past behind him and look towards the future.

But when a spate of robberies take place at the church, they realise Kel is to blame and Gemma and Bernie go to his flat to investigate.

The pair are horrified when they find Daniel’s stolen laptop, along with pictures of Paul as a child, as well as photos of other children.

Gemma realises the significance of what they’ve found, and Paul faces his past once again as he recounts his abuse at the hands of Kel, leaving Gemma and Bernie shocked to the core.

Robert gets his comeuppance 

Vicky is fuming with Robert about leading a double life and lashes out at him for lying that he’d broken up with Michelle.

Tyler sees red and attacks Robert, while Vicky orders him to leave.

Carla’s confused 

Carla is baffled when she finds Michelle working alongside Robert, and the plot thickens when Michelle begs her to keep quiet about Robert’s affair with Vicky.

What is Michelle up to?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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