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Thursday 28th May 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Sinead says her final goodbyes...

There's heartbreak in next week's Coronation Street when Sinead sadly loses her fight with cancer and passes away with Daniel and Bertie by her side...

Sinead passes away 

Sinead is thrilled when her family throw her an early Christmas celebration, but Daniel thinks it is too much for her to cope with.

Daniel ruins the celebrations by being overprotective and it causes friction between him and Sinead.

Daniel flees the flat and breaks down in the ginnel. Soon Bethany finds him and offers a shoulder to cry on.

The pair are soon hugging and share a forbidden 'moment', leaving them distraught at their actions.

Soon Ken sees the pair together and orders Daniel home to his dying wife while Bethany is mortified by what has happened and confesses to Audrey that she is in love with Daniel.

Meanwhile Sinead has found Bethany's notebook and read her story about her feelings for Daniel.

Knowing that Bethany is in love with Daniel, Sinead confronts her husband. Daniel denies that Bethany loves him, but Sinead knows he is lying.

Daniel tells Sinead that his 'moment' with Bethany meant nothing, and soon he is drowning his sorrows in the ginnel.

Adam tries to help Daniel, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Eventually the pair make up and as Dr Gaddas calls on Sinead, it becomes clear that the end is near.

Sinead understands she doesn't have long left and says her goodbyes to friends and family.

She is happy as she wakes to hear them all arguing about mundane nonsense, finding their bickering comforting.

Eventually Sinead passes away peacefully in bed with her husband and son by her side, while the Tinkers and Barlows wait in the Rovers for news.

Soon Beth gets the heartbreaking call that Sinead has died and life on Coronation Street will never quite be the same again.

David stabs Josh?

A riot breaks out in the prison and David retreats to his cell, determined to keep out of trouble so that he can get home to his family as soon as possible.

But Abe, who knows about Josh's attack on David, brings a terrified Josh to David and hands him some scissors.

Abe encourages David to get revenge on Josh by finishing him off for good.

David asks to be alone with Josh so he can deal with him in his own way. But will he stab Josh?

David's family are horrified when David calls and tells them that Josh has been attacked, and although he is adamant that he's not to blame, Shona, Max and D+Sarah can't help but doubt him.

Things don't look good for David when a video starts doing the rounds that incriminates him in Josh's attack. Realising he needs a lawyer immediately, Imran visits David in prison to represent him.

But is David guilty?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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