FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

There's more bad news heading for Sinead...

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Next week’s Coronation Street sees Sinead told she only has weeks to live, while Ken celebrates his 80th birthday and Ali puts Liam’s life on the line.

Ken celebrates his 80th birthday 

Ken tells Claudia he can’t go to Italy for his birthday celebrations because Daniel and Sinead need him at home.

He reluctantly agrees to have a party at home instead after Daniel persuades him it’s a great idea.

Ken is thrilled to see old friend Norris has come back to the cobbles for his milestone birthday.

Ken is also treated to a surprise video call from Emily, who wants to wish him happy birthday from Edinburgh.

Sinead reveals she only has weeks to live 

Everyone throws Bertie an early first birthday party so Sinead can join in the celebrations.

But the party takes a sudden turn when Sinead announces to her friends and family that she has been to see her oncologist and was told her treatment isn’t working and she only has weeks left to live.

Everyone is left reeling as Daniel and Sinead struggle to come to terms with the short time they have got left together.

Back at the flat Sinead tells Daniel how sorry she is that she has to leave him, but admits she knows Bertie will be in good hands.

As the reality of their situation comes crashing down, Daniel finally gives into the tears he has been holding in.

David gets into mischief in prison 

During a visit from Sarah, David sees one of the other inmates hiding a mobile phone in his sock and his fellow prisoner isn’t happy that David has rumbled him.

Desperate to not get on the wrong side of anyone, David causes a distraction as the inmate is searched, and his quick thinking gives his new friend a chance to get rid of the phone before he is caught.

Ali puts Liam’s life on the line

Ali agrees to look after Liam who is ill with a tummy ache, and Maria is on cloud nine, thinking she has found the perfect man.

But it all goes wrong when Ali falls asleep with a pizza in the oven and it catches fire, only for Maria to get home to find Liam in danger.

Maria is shocked when Ali tells her it’s not working between them and he doesn’t love her any more.

Not realising the real reason Ali is struggling, a tipsy Maria later lays into Michelle over her parenting skills.

Asha gets the help she needs 

Dev takes Asha to see Dr Gaddas who assesses her sore arms and tells her that counselling is the way forward.

Dev reminds his daughter how much he loves her, but will counselling help Asha?

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