FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Bad news and broken dreams

The Connors deal with the aftermath of drug dealer’s son Connor dying on their floor…

Monday 1st

Ryan tells Sophie that he panicked and didn’t call an ambulance for Cormac and asks her to back up his version of events.

Billy is shocked to see David bundling Josh into his car and is concerned that he is going to do something stupid.

Daniel surprises Kirk by asking him to be best man at his wedding.

Ronan comes to thank Ryan, Ali and Michelle for all they did for Cormac, leaving them squirming.

Ali tells Jude to come clean and give Roy the money back he was rewarded after ‘rescuing’ him.

Wednesday 3rd

Steve has thawed towards his old man and invites him to be his best man.

Ryan’s arrested when he is found with pills on his person and taken to the station.

Sinead and Daniel attend her 12-week scan and she keeps from him news that she has been bleeding.

Friday 5th

Liz admits that she has missed Jim and they end up kissing each other.

Ronan is menacing as he tells Michelle Connor he’ll be waiting for Ryan when he gets out.

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