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Kate and Rana's hen do doesn't go to plan

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Evelyn returns, Kate and Rana’s hen do doesn’t go to plan, Nick discovers Carla’s plot, and Seb vows to teach Gary a lesson in next week’s Coronation Street.

Monday March 11

Carla Michelle Coronation Street

Michelle and Robert agree to do a pregnancy test. She confides in Carla but as the builders are kicking a football about and it hits Michelle hard in the stomach.

She goes to get checked over at the medical centre. The doctors do a pregnancy test that turns out to be negative.

Evelyn Tyrone Coronation Street

Evelyn tries to sneak back into number 9. She finds Tyrone waiting for her, furious at the worry she has put him through.

David Gail Coronation Street

With Andrea gone and David snowed under with appointments, Gail insists on helping at the barbers. David soon gets wound up having her around.

He walks out when Nick says he’s given their mum a job. He refuses to work with her a minute longer.

Wednesday March 13

Kate Rana Coronation Street

Kate and Rana want a small do at the Bistro for their hen night. They’re furious to learn Lolly went against their wishes and booked a male stripper.

Desperate to escape, Rana leads a blindfolded Kate to the factory. She reveals the bespoke outfit she made her for their wedding.

Gail Natalie Coronation Street

Gail announces she’s found the perfect candidate for the vacancy. Nick and David are stunned to see it’s Natalie.

Carla Robert Coronation Street

Robert is convinced Carla is stirring things between him and Michelle. He barges into the factory owner on the street and tells her she had better watch out.

Lolly Rana Coronation Street

As the hen do moves to the Rovers, Lolly overhears Kate laughing at how desperate she is to impress. She confronts Kate and storms into the ladies.

Rana follows her to try and smooth things over.

Friday March 15

Factory Coronation Street

Nick returns to the factory and when Carla is out he goes through the accounts. He discovers Carla’s plan to outsource production.

Nick storms onto the factory floor and announces her plans to the workforce. They all fear for their jobs and feel betrayed.

Kate Rana Lolly Coronation Street

Kate and Rana un-invite Lolly from the wedding. A scorned Lolly accuses Rana of making a pass at her but is stunned when Kate says she doesn’t believe her.

Lolly flirts with Craig, charming him into letting her into the couple’s flat. What is she planning?

Seb and Gary Coronation Street

When Gary claims he has more work lined up, Jan is pleased but Seb isn’t. Sarah’s happy when Gary flashes the cash from a job claiming he was paid upfront.

Seb blames Gary for sacking him and storms out of the Rovers vowing to teach Gary a lesson. He watches Gary and Sarah head home with vengeful eyes.

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