Coronation Street FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Geoff turns on Alya

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Coronation Street next week sees Geoff fake a heart attack, while Gemma and Chesney finally get some good news, and David gets mugged at knifepoint…

Geoff has a heart attack? 

Alya quizzes Geoff about his fake hotel booking, but he soon clutches his chest and fakes a funny turn.

Yasmeen calls an ambulance, but unsurprisingly the paramedics can’t find anything wrong with Geoff.

Geoff refuses to go to the hospital for tests, knowing it would expose his lies.

Alya and Ryan are suspicious about his reluctance to go to the hospital.

Yasmeen then announces they will have to cancel their plans for Spain, leaving Alya fuming.

Geoff turns on Alya

Alya confronts Geoff about his lies over the heart attack and hotel booking.

When she reveals she’e been to the police, he quickly loses his temper.

Geoff turns on Alya and starts to threaten her… just as Yasmeen gets home from the shops.

Yasmeen orders Geoff off Alya, but he assures her he would never lie and the pair make up.

Yasmeen catches Geoff out

While Geoff is in the bath, Yasmeen reads his emails and finds the ones he’s written to an escort agency.

But before Yasmeen can do anything Geoff catches her.

Yasmeen stands her ground and confronts him.

After Geoff admits he’s lied, Yasmeen tells him she is leaving, but he blocks her way and tells her she’s not going anywhere…

David gets mugged

David is still on his downward spiral and after Gail discovers he’s been seeing Alina, he storms out.

But he soon finds himself in trouble when he wanders the streets, drinking.

Muggers drag David into an alleyway and pull out a knife. Thankfully he manages to get away by hiding in a fire escape.

But is this the end of his ordeal?

Aled hears Gemma’s voice

Gemma and Chesney are thrilled when Aled’s hearing aid arrives.

As the hearing aid is fitted, Aled’s face lights up as he hears Gemma and Chesney’s voices for the first time.

Are things finally looking up for Gemma?

Coronation Street’s scheduling pattern will be changing due to the coronavirus pandemic and will air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm from Monday 30th March. 

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