FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

It's the ultimate, terrifying, showdown for Rhona and Pierce

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In next week’s Emmerdale Rhona come face-to-face with Pierce in a terrifying showdown that sees Kim brutally attacked, while Charity makes a shocking discovery, and Laurel and Jai reunite.

Rhona comes face to face with Pierce

Still tied up, Vanessa makes an attempt to free herself, but is thwarted at the last moment.

Meanwhile Rhona is telling the police she’s being stalked by Pierce, but she’s frustrated to realise she doesn’t have enough evidence to back up her claims.

Rhona gets a video call from Vanessa, who reveals she is with Pierce.

Rhona is sickened to realise what has been happening to her best friend only down the road.

As Vanessa struggles to communicate, Pierce takes the phone from her. Rhona is frozen to the spot when she sees Pierce’s face again.

Pierce asks Rhona to meet, and she reluctantly agrees in the hope she will be able to save Vanessa’s life.

Rhona meets Pierce and plays along with his plan by handing over her phone when he demands it.

Pierce attacks Kim

Meanwhile at Home Farm Kim is getting suspicious of Al’s version of events from the night Graham died and eventually Al is forced to admit that he didn’t kill Graham.

Kim goes through old headlines about Pierce and Rhona and is shocked to realise Ollie, her solicitor, is actually Pierce.

Kim tells Rhona that Pierce has been pretending to be her solicitor for weeks.

But before Rhona can warn Kim, Pierce has attacked her and dragged her lifeless body to another room.

Charity discovers the truth 

While Rhona is coming face-to-face with Pierce, Charity has found Vanessa’s passport and boarding pass and realises that she never made it to France.

Soon the horror of where Vanessa has really been hits Charity and she feels like she’s failed Vanessa when she needed her the most.

Later in the week, Charity gets another devastating call that sends her reeling.

Laurel and Jai reunite

Laurel and Jai are back together, and couldn’t be happier… but the news doesn’t go down well with Arthur.

Later, Doug has some monumental news for Laurel, but Arthur overhears and feels betrayed. What has Doug revealed that has hit Arthur so hard?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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